To the ‘Humanists’- An Open Letter

Don’t pretend you don’t know I’m talking to you.

You say you want equality, then you proceed t o attempt to invalidate a movement that, for more than a century has been fighting to achieve the same goal. You say you’ve been thinking about it for 2 whole years and yet you seem to have next to no knowledge about feminism and what it stands for. You say you’re writing a book about ‘today’s feminism’ and but you seem to have read nothing about the topic. You say opposition and constructive criticism is welcome, then proceed to ignore it. Brilliant.

So, let’s see what exactly is wrong with your argument; we’ll take it up chronologically.

You’re against Feminism. You’re against a concept that talks about equality. If only you’d googled its definition, we wouldn’t have had to see that smug expression on your face when you talked about how you’re a girl who is against feminism.

You say Feminism is not a logical concept, that it is not what it claims to be. You have got to be kidding. A movement that is trying to protect victims of inequality, protecting sexual assault survivors, protecting people who have had to endure domestic abuse, trying to bring about a world where those whose problems are ignored can also speak up, is pretty much fighting for equality, in my books at least. Go off though, I guess.

You think ‘modern-day’ Feminism is just about demeaning men, the supremacy of women over men. That’s called misandry, look it up.

You think the fact that the movement is called ‘Feminism’ it only strives to empower women and not to bring about equality. What you don’t understand is, that in a world where women, since the beginning of time have been oppressed, women empowerment is pretty much the only road to equality.

The fact that you have read about feminism and its principles. That’s it, that’s what’s wrong with this point, if you had, we wouldn’t be here.

“What you’re following is, haan hum dominate kaise karein aadmiyon ko. That is not the concept.” Yes, that’s one of the only things you got right, that is not, in fact, the concept.

Credit where it’s due, you say people shouldn’t get respect just because they’re women. But when people say ‘respect women’ they don’t mean respect women unconditionally or even after they prove they don’t deserve respect. ‘Respect women’ actually means that everybody should respect a random woman as much as they would respect a random man (no catcalling, eve-teasing, etc. etc. you get it).

That somebody shouldn’t get less respect than their male counterpart, just because they’re a woman. But I appreciate your idea of earning respect. You would’ve been a feminist if the concept was to uplift those who have been suppressed. That is the whole point of feminism. Didn’t you just say you’ve read about it?

‘But main nahi hoon feminist’. The ease with which you say that shows the privilege you have been brought up in. But you need to understand the plight of those that don’t stand in the same socio-economic position that you do. They can’t afford for people like you and me, to say things like ‘nahi hoon main feminist’. They can’t afford for people like us who have a voice that at least somebody will hear to stay in a little bubble of ignorance.

Feminism has created a social division. No, feminists are trying to get rid of social divisions.
You said something like, don’t just say things because you think you’re sounding cool (I’m paraphrasing). slow claps at the irony of it

You talked about mutual respect, and I appreciate that.

You also quoted a page and said that we teach our sons to respect women but not our daughters to respect men. But do you realize that in a ridiculous amount of cases, women are actually taught to respect the men around them, in fact, treat them like gods, even after complaints of violence, abuse, harassment, and whatnot?

You talked about the Manav Singh case. No, you just name-dropped him, thinking that would make your argument strong; but what was the point. Nirbhaya is not a comeback. You might not mean it that way, but it’s not okay for you to say that Divyangna.

Yes, absolutely, there are many men who are molested and don’t come out about it, and that’s very sad; but bringing that up only when people are talking about crimes against women is a very low thing to do. And you know who fights to bring justice for male victims of abuse and assault? Feminists.

“Tum equality ki baat karrhe the bahaut time pehle”. That’s what we’re still doing. When you say our system isn’t equipped to punish those who make fake accusations on men or to protect male victims of abuse, you’re right; and it’s great that you want to do something about that.
“Hadd hai yaar, aisa thodi hota hai, thoda logic banaado”. Same.

“If this video has not reached you right, please rewatch it.” I did, three times; my brain cells are dead.

“Humanism propagate karo”. If you increase the length of line A and B equally, the difference in the length will still exist, even I know this much maths dude come on. I have bad news for you, honey, if you want equality, you are a feminist. Whether you like it or not.

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