Privacy Policy

News Content on the NEWSORB360 portal incorporates links to internal (NEWSORB360) and external (non-NEWSORB360) websites.

Primarily, these links are included for the following reasons:

  • Further relevant information or other key source material
  • Background information
  • Useful, practical information
  • Entertainment or enjoyment
  • Further informed perspective

We do not link to external sites for monetary return, services or any other consideration in kind.

We link to these sites purely on editorial merit. They will most often be free to access, but users may sometimes be asked to register or subscribe before viewing content.

Links to external websites

NEWSORB360 undertakes a thorough review of the external links before publishing the page. But it is not responsible for the content of these sites. This is because NEWSORB360 does not produce them or maintain/update them. The original publishers of content on the links can subsequently change/modify the content without NEWSORB360’s knowledge or approval. Some of our external links may be to websites that also offer commercial services, such as online purchases. NEWSORB360 does not endorse any of these websites, their owners or their products/services.

Links to user-generated material

The views expressed in such links to user-generated material are those of the specific source and not necessarily of NEWSORB360. If you consider any of these views misleading/offensive/defamatory/etc.., please alert the moderators or site owners on the sites where this material appears.

Sign posts and content information.

NEWSORB360’s online guidelines state that any material on the NEWSORB360 home page/first link from the home page must be suitable for a general audience, including children. Where appropriate, users are informed of the nature of the material they might expect to see or hear by clear labeling on destination pages and on the video/NEWSORB360 players.