Delivery boys emerge as a warrior amid COVID-19 ‘Together For India’.

Delivery boys, Who imagined that at some point in time social distancing will become such aid for our survival from an unknown virus which came as a deadly one. While people making themselves quarantine and government announced lockdown. Here, we contribute a little bit from our side by staying back in our respective homes, the militia of Delivery boys emerges as warriors by ensuring the supply of essentials to everyone.

They bring us our groceries, medicine, and other essential goods at our doorstep. Ecommerce sites like Flipkart, eBay, Amazon, Big basket, Med-Life, and Grofers are working 24/7 to make the regular supply. Since lockdown had been announced there are many speculations about the shortage of food and medicine that were circulating which were making people panic. However, speculation is not true.

One question can be Arises in your head, Is it’s safe to order online amid coronavirus? So the answer is it’s totally up to you as you never know from where it can reach to you, but to ensure your safety these websites had made their safety standards as they regularly make a health check-up for their workers and provides a mask, gloves and other essential. Most of the website has closed the option of cash on delivery (COD) option as many questions circulate regarding the spreading of diseases via cash as they only accept online payment whereas delivery boy had left your parcel at your doorstep without making any contacts and maintaining social distancing.

Now you can check the doctor certificate of the delivery boy on the website. Your safety is in your hands, of you are ordering any good online you should firstly sanitizing the package and place where it has been kept and should dispose of the package in which they get parcelled.

It’s a tough time for everyone, despite such critical time they are taking risks for themselves and ensuring their safety as much as possible by wearing a mask, sanitizing every package, and maintaining social distancing. Let’s take a moment to thank them for such a selfless service during a tough time. They really deserve our respect as their life is at risk. After all #humsabsathhai.

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