CONTAGIOUS Coronavirus has already impacted the lives of each one of us. You may also be well aware of the menace this virus has created globally, but are you aware of the rate at which this virus transmits from an infected patient to anyone who comes even in slight contact with the former.

Japan’s public broadcasters, NHK, recently conducted an experiment with the joint effort of contagious disease specialists. This experiment aimed at exemplifying how rapidly Sars Cov-2 transmits from a contaminated convalescent to another person. The video of this assessment has gone viral on the internet.

A buffet was staged something similar to that in restaurants or cruise. Ten participants were chosen to be part of this experiment. The participants had to serve themselves food from the buffet laid out which comprised a variety of dishes. They had to use the same serving spoons and tongs while serving themselves.

Among these ten participants, one of them was a representative of an infected person and fluorescent paint was smeared on his palms. This matter was invisible and glowed only in darkness. This matter represented the virus.

For the next half hour, all of these ten-member experiments was to enjoy the dishes without any restrictions.

After some time, the lights in the room were dimmed. The matter which was applied to the infected person palm was to glow in the darkness. The spread of the matter which was seen when the room was darkened left everyone astounded. The fluorescent substance had transmitted almost everywhere in that room. Each of the ten participants had traces of their bodies. The utensils were also contaminated. The substance was everywhere on the infected person body.

Forbes in a report covering this experiment reported the entire spread of this material as “After the “infected” person touched various items — including a lid covering on a hot food container, a pair of tongs, and the handle of a beverage pitcher — the “virus” was transferred by other participants to a wide array of items, including silverware, dishes, glassware, clothing and mobile phones. Several participants had paint on their hands and three had paint on their faces.”

A different version of the same experiment in the same setting was conducted while adhering to proper sanitization measures with proper sanitization and with frequent swapping of serving utensils. All the participants were also invigorated to wash their hands before and after eating the meal. When the room was darkened again, the spread of matter was 97% less as compared to the previous experiment.

You can check the experiment here (https://twitter.com/Rainmaker1973/status/1259091298356727816?s=20).

This experiment proved how important it is for each one of us to adhere to the necessary social distancing guidelines to keep each one of us safe from the highly contagious viruses and germs.

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