cyclone ‘Amphan’ is approaching

Amphan cyclone The Odisha State government has begun to evacuate 11 lakh people from the seaside areas as one of the wildest cyclone is heading to bank shore. Experts have said that due to cyclone there will be heavy rainfall and winds in the coastline and nearby areas. Fishermen Amphan were advised not to rove into the ocean till May 21. SRC P K Jena said, “ We expect widespread rains in cyclone coastal cyclone Odisha tomorrow. On May 20, there could be heavy to very heavy rainfall in northern districts of Odisha, with wind speed reaching up Amphan to 110 mph in certain parts of cyclone Bhadrak, Kendrapara and Jagatsinghpur”.

Odisha State government ploy to shift-NewsORB360 Amphan

The Indian Meteorological Department said that it will turn into a super-strong cyclone on Monday and will move along the Northeast Bay of Bengal by crossing cyclone the West Bengal and Bangladesh coasts between Amphan Digha and the Hatia island. They also told that the cyclone slowly traveled along the coastlines of the Bay of Bengal which made him turn into more danger and powerful storm. Later on it was identified as the super cyclonic storm.

Odisha State government ploy to shift-NewsORB360 Amphan

Taking consideration of the situation, the cyclone NDRF (National Amphan Disaster Relief Force) planned to handle the situation by making a team of 37. Also they added 20 more in them to tackle the cyclone corona pandemic too. Apart from that, 17 more were deployed as a stand-by in two states. Director-General of NDRF Pradhan, gave the details about the strategy through a video message.

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