Why quarantine is the best time to dress up.

best Quarantine is the best time to dress up, It’s the 9th week of lockdown and thanks to COVID19 it’s been almost two months we are in the zone of school from home, college from home, and of course work from home. To be honest initially we all loved and appreciated the Idea of lockdown regarding the safety of the country. But as time has passed it seems that we are bored with our hobbies as well and now we miss our daily routine before the existence of this v pandemic. Routine gives a sense of security. Following a routine makes us feel that everything is under our control and dressing up is one of the most significant parts of our routine.

Here are few reasons why you should agree with me best because it feels as good as stepping out.

Why quarantine is the best time to dress up-NewsORB360

• Firstly when I say dress up – I mean shower and dress up. best Wearing clothes just after stepping out of the bed will make no use rather end up making you feel more agitated. So wake up, brush and freshen up best, have a nice shower the way you like it and then dress up. And don’t forget to have your breakfast.

• You can wear your favourite make up. Wearing your favourite make up will not only make you look good but will also make you feel better. best And not only that you can also wear your favourite lipstick you wanted to wear since eternity but couldn’t find the occasion.

Why quarantine is the best time to dress up-NewsORB360

• You will always be ready for that significant video call. best Be it your group study with your friends or an important lecture or the most important meeting of your career you will always be ready without any hesitation or apprehensions. 

• Dressing up relieves stress. We all are going through best different kinds of tensions be it professional or personal but everyone is dealing with something or the other. But dressing up keeps you active and being active means being productive which makes us feel less guilty about being unproductive hence we fell less anxious.

• It inculcates responsibility when we look good we feel good and want to take up more chorus and work because we feel responsible. And best the feeling of being responsible itself makes us more adaptable to a difficult situation we all are in.

Why quarantine is the best time to dress up-NewsORB360

• Dressing up means a good photoshoot. Now that everyone’s home and you have a sibling with you and you are all decked up why should you miss a chance of having nice pictures? An impromptu photo shoot with the family on the terrace will not only lift up your mood but theirs as well. So despite you being home best all day you have a great chance to maintain your social media feed.

• You can try out all the experiments you want.

It’s a dilemma to try out new stuff, there’s always best a fear of being judged. But now you can try out all the new stuff you wanted. And the most important you can make as many mistakes as you want.

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