Migrant worker poisoned himself after being tormented for rent by landlord in Gurugram

A poisoned 45-year old migrant worker committed suicide after being harassed by the landlord for the rent. The incident took place in the sector 11 of Gurugram at the place where he was staying. Reports said that he was earning as a plumber and took poison after getting alleged for the money. Police found the suicide note near the body during the probe.

Shivaji Nagar Police station took the charge of the poisoned case as the crime area comes under it. Police officials said that the empty packet of poison was lying beside the body. The suicide note clearly stated that the person was abused and tormented for the rent which resulted in that. The dead body was found by one of his neighbors who went there to wake him up. The neighbor also explained about the past behavior of the landlord to the police. During the investigation, it was found that the deceased person left his family 30 years ago. He used to stay alone at a rent of Rs. 6,000 which further turned into a pending amount of Rs. 30,000. Due to this COVID pandemic he was not earning a single penny and out of pressure, he took his own life. The reports were given by the Assistant Sub-inspector (ASI) Ajit.

Migrant worked deceased himself-NewsORB360 poisoned

The man’s family lives in the Odisha state. The family said that he last visited them 10 years ago. Few days before the person called his family and told that he wants to come home by explaining about his money issues. The family members poisoned were unable to collect the body as their area lies in the contaminated zone of coronavirus. Moreover they also said that they are unable to reach Gurugram due to a lack of tariffs. As of now, the body is being kept in the funeral home.

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