PROPERLY OBAMA CRITICIZES THE US, The United States of America is called the most powerful nation in the world, yet its also probably the most badly hit due to COVID-19 with 1.4 million positive cases and approximately 90,000 deaths.

This is due to the PROPERLY government’s delay in taking proper measures as well as negligence of supervision of the rules. Obama in his recent speech accused the leaders of not even pretending to be in-charge, this is a massive slam in the face of the US Government. The former president talked about how some of the leaders (not taking any names) thought PROPERLY about how it would all work out, its nothing to worry about and did whatever felt good, this sort of childish attitude is what leads to the pandemic to reach such a height in the United States.

Obama criticizes the US for not handling the COVID-19-NewsORB360 PROPERLY

Obama has always believed that the youth of the nation are what PROPERLY need to be groomed to secure the future of the nation. In his speech, the former president addressed the youth of the nation urging them to not walk in the steps of the current leaders, urging them to step up, to raise their voice, stay at home and help rebuild communities affected by the virus. Obama hopes that they will be honest, work hard, responsible and respect others.

The former president then went on to other topics like how PROPERLY unemployment has increased by 15% this year and how diseases like this put extra burden on the black communities.

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