INSPIRES Positivity plays a huge role in our lives and it can be felt the most during this pandemic.
Shahrukh Khan has never shied away from actively spreading awareness. On 15th May, he took to social media to post some very positive thoughts, from what is important in our lives to what is perhaps not so important.

“That we have been living far INSPIRES beyond our exigencies, most of which don’t really matter as much as we thought they did… That we can stop the clock for a bit and reimagine our lives when the rush to acquire false securities is peeled away from us.”

His message makes us introspect INSPIRES and value our families. He tells us we can stop for a moment and be grateful for little things in life, instead of worrying because we already are blessed with a lot more than INSPIRES we need. Also no one can ignore the selfie he slipped in with the message and captioned “it has nothing to do with the message. Thought I look good”

King Khan shares positive thoughts-NewsORB360 INSPIRES

Few days back on May 4th he inspired us with family goals once again with a video of him singing “Sab sahi ho jaayega” with his INSPIRES youngest son AbRam. Even in his quirky video he inspired us with the message ‘Time ka kaam hai change hona, change hoga’ which points out the fact that the difficult time we are going through will eventually pass.

The 54 old Padmashree awardee has completed INSPIRES almost 24 years in the industry and has surprised us on several occasions with his enthusiasm for helping others and humility. Because of the impending health emergency his wife Gauri Khan and he have opened up their personal office space for the treatment of elderly, children, or and women.

King Khan shares positive thoughts-NewsORB360 INSPIRES

Meer Foundation majorly works for acid attack survivors but during pandemic they have been providing medical staffs with PPE kits. Shahrukh Khan, the founder of the nonprofit organization was seen spreading awareness through video and asking people to chip in some donations if they can so that more help could be provided to our staff at the frontline.

Through his companies, Kolkata Knight Riders, Red INSPIRES Chillies Entertainment, and Red Chillies VFX he has contributed to help the Central Government regarding relief initiatives.

He was also a part of One World: Together At Home, a concert that focused on gathering funds for Solidarity Response Funds for the WHO. Priyanka Chopra, Billie Eilish, and Jimmy Fallon among many, were a part of it too.

King Khan shares positive thoughts-NewsORB360 INSPIRES

He said in a statement on Twitter from his Red Chillies handle, “Given the enormity of the task, my team and I discussed a way to contribute in our own modest way. We have come up with a series of initiatives, which we hope will make a small difference”.

This charming personality has been touching our hearts for a long time and we are in awe of this humility, passion, and enthusiasm. We hope to see more efforts from a lot more people because helping INSPIRES each other is the only way we can win this war.

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