BEHIND The Rwandan Genocide was one of the bloodiest events in history where 800,000 Tutsis and Twas were slaughtered in just 100 days. It’s the massacre that shook the world whose consequences are still being felt by Rwandan and its neighbors. It has been over 25 years and finally BEHIND the man said to have financed this condemned event “Felicien Kabuga” was arrested in Paris, France at the age of 84. This is a historical event, the businessman has been evading the International Residual Mechanisms for Criminal Tribunals ever since he was BEHIND charged with crimes against humanity in 2013.

Felicien Kabuga-The alleged money behind the Rwandan Genocide-NewsORB360

Before we move forward, let’s go back to 1994 and understand BEHIND what exactly happened. In 1994, there was a civil war in Rwandan between the Hutus and the minority Tutsis, like all civil wars, it was a for power and recognition. The Hutus in power who had previously suffered defeat and fled to BEHIND Uganda, suddenly came back with reinforcements and started slaughtering everyone other than Extremists Hutus between the 7th April and 15th July. This event was known as the 100 days of slaughter where the Hutus even killed moderate Hutus. Felicien allegedly financed this event, he was named one of the major BEHIND forces behind the import of the 500,000 machetes which played a major role in the killings. He is said to have been involved in the financing of RTLM and Kangura magazine which were responsible for spreading extremist Hutu propaganda.

Felicien Kabuga-The alleged money behind the Rwandan Genocide-NewsORB360

This truly is a historic event as we get justice BEHIND for all those innocent souls who were killed during the massacre. This event truly showed the dark side of humanity and it really is no exaggeration to call it, a “Crime against humanity itself”.

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