Looking at lockdown with a new dimension.

The lockdown has come to effect since 25th march 2020 officially after, the government of India under Prime minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, limiting movement of the entire 1.3 billion population is of India as a preventive measure against COVID19 pandemic. Since then the country is in lockdown till now irrespective of caste, wealth, or designation. The lockdown has not only helped in spreading the disease less but also proved our unity as a nation. After being in quarantine for almost 51 days till today in this lockdown in our own ways. As it has been smooth for some people some have gone through really hard times. But then again as said every cloud has a silver lining, the lockdown has bought both for us objective and perspective. As celebrities have indulged in their hobbies and are showing it off on social media, the common people are no behind. We have come across two celebrities who have found their silver lining amidst these dark clouds and they are actor Aparshakti Khurrana and one of the most loved couples Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma.

Looking at lockdown with a new dimension-Newsorb360

Virat and Anushka apart from being married to each other are also responsible and work ethical individuals who have carved their paths of success with their hard work and determination. Virat being the Indian cricket team captain and Anushka is one of the top actresses in the country who are super busy every day but still try and find time for each other despite being in different countries or sometimes different continents. In a recent interview of star sports cricket connected Virat Kohli said that juggling between work and life while on regular days, finding time for each other may become tricky and cumbersome, this lockdown period has given them what they have always craved for, unlimited time for each other. We all have witnessed their love for the game of ludo and Instagram filters. He also said that he and Anushka never thought they would be able to spend so much time with each other and it’s a way of seeing things in a brighter light amidst any difficult situations.

Likewise as the power couple is enjoying their bliss of togetherness there are celebrities who are currently introspecting their careers which are put on hold too.

For actor Aparshakti Khurrana who has also been in the race of struggling actors and have recently got their worth in the industry but are still on the eyes of critics and criticism thinks that the nationwide lockdown happened at a crucial time in his career but right now he’s adapting to the changes and adjusting to talk Ng script narration online.

Looking at lockdown with a new dimension-Newsorb360

He may be royally aced and acquired the “hero Ka dost” zone with his performances but he has now looked forward to bigger leaps in his career. After his appearances in movies like Pati Patni Aur Woh and street dancer, Aparshakti was gearing up for his next, Helmet.

This evidently proves his eagerness to provide himself and also the audiences his mettle of acting and to achieve big in his career.

This very well informs us that difficult times are not always impacted negatively from every side but sometimes are also necessary for us to take a break and standby to see what we expect from ourselves and what are we doing to achieve it. The lockdown has also taught us that there is no value of money without our lives.

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