Dutee Chand set an example by incorporating sanitary napkin

The fastest women in India Sprinter, Dutee Chand who is currently national champion in women’s 100-meter event and also the third woman to ever qualify for the women’s 100-meter event at the Summer Olympics Games. As the pandemic hit nation compelled the government to constrain lockdown and everyone had to freeze wherever they were and led to a scarcity of food and other essential goods. And here comes Dutee Chand who drove down to her village, Chaka Gopalpur in the Jajpur district of Odisha to give out food packages and sanitary pads, from Bhubaneswar which is 70 kilometers away.

Dutee Chand set an example by incorporating sanitary napkin-NewsORB360

She stated that “ Sanitary pads are very important for the health and hygiene of women. But in villages, it is not available at the moment and women won’t talk about the shortage. Also, they can’t afford it now because no household has income, and whatever money they have, they use it for food. Sanitary pads cost rupees 50 to 60 per packet at least. Medical shops are also shut most of the time near my village. I wasn’t sure if women would be comfortable coming out sanitary pad packets. So, I went to each home.” She also mentioned that she makes use of Mahindra SUV that had been gifted to her by Anand Mahindra back in 2016. Meanwhile Mahindra chief, twitted back ‘ I can’t think of better use of a set of wheels. God bless you Dutee’.

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