Vizag gas escape: chemical mishaps in India.

Vizag gas escape, An industrial misfortune that occurred at the LG Polymers chemical plant in R.R. Venkatapuram village near Gopalapatnam on the suburbs of Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India on the early morning of 7 May 2020. A vapour clouds of Styrene gas outspread over the radius of about 3.5 kilometres which led to 13 death and approximately 1000 to hospitalized. Vizag gas escape, Many people had been reported to be in critical condition and few have to be on a ventilator. As reported this incident take place on 3:00 a.m. after few hours many people got an odd odour after which they reported it. Several people get fainted in order to run away from their homes. This incident makes people to think once again about the provisions at odds with chemical
mishaps in India. Here are all the safeguards you need to know.

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1. The Indian Penal code (IPC) was only pertinent law stating criminal liability for such incidents at the time of Bhopal gas disaster. The CBI had initially charged the inculpate under section 304 which later enclosed under section 304A (death due to negligence) which imposes maximum punishment for 2 years and fine.

2. Shortly after the Bhopal gas disaster government proceeded series of several laws and penalties which are,

  • Bhopal Gas Leak Act, 1985: It gives authority directly to the central government to secure the claims linked to the Bhopal gas tragedy. Under the provisions of this act, such claims processed speedily and reasonably.
  • The Environment Protection Act, 1986: It gives power to the central government to make regulations and safety standards for an industrial estate in order to shield the environment.
Vizag gas escape-Newsorb360
  • The Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991: It gives protection to those who had been affected while handling hazardous materials.
  • The National Environment Appellate Authority Act, 1997: It gives authority to people to appeal regarding restrictions in areas in which industries can’t settle, under the Environment Protection Act, 1986.
  • National Green Tribunal, 2010: It established the national green tribunal within the state and aid to the untouched conservation. It involves the case related to environmental protection and conservation of forests.

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