HEALTH Amazon is an American tech giant founded by the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos. It has a yearly turnover of over $250 billion dollars and has been referred to as one of the most influential HEALTH economic and cultural force in the world. In March, Amazon introduced an unlimited unpaid time off policy for all its warehouse staff across the United States. Under this policy, workers will not be penalized for taking unpaid time off till April. The HEALTH United States is the country worst struck by Covid-19.

People there are scared of even going outside, the situation is not getting better. At least 20 workers have tested positive for the coronavirus at Amazon’s H1 and H5 HEALTH facilities, according to the US health official, the number is actually 32 but the company only acknowledges 20.

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Amazon has repeatedly refused to co-operate with the US health officials. HEALTH It hasn’t released information on the number of workers tested positive across its facilities, it often acts “lazy” when it comes to giving its HEALTH employee’s information regards to their medical examination results, safety precautions the company will implement to ensure a safe work environment and has actually fired 5 people who tried to draw focus Amazon’s so-called “negligence”.

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Now, Amazon has terminated its unlimited unpaid HEALTH time-off policy, the next day when workers were forced to come back to work, there were no safety measures taken and the concept of social distancing was non-existent, this led to protests and workers “walking out”. Again, Amazon fired all those who tried to criticize this decision, they also did not cooperate with US health officials who were trying to trace the spread of the Virus. Finally, the health officials in south-eastern Wisconsin threatened to close down Amazon’s Kenosha campus if they did not start co-operating with state testing and tracing efforts. Coincidentally, Kenosha was the facility where the first Amazon employee was tested positive.

In response to this, Amazon came out welcoming HEALTH US health officials to come and inspect their
facilities. They even introduced many safety measures and made testing for the coronavirus
available for all employees on the Kenosha Campuses. A worker refuted the statement that Amazon was trying to hide something and stated that it was all a matter of getting the communication started. Amazon stated that during the HEALTH initial contact, the health officials contacted the wrong person and it was Amazon who made proper contact.

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