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solidarity From feeding laborers on highways to providing for all the teachers who have helped him become the chef he is today, Vikas Khanna is working tirelessly to go be back to his country. Now a Michelin star chef Vikas Khanna organized the world’s largest Eid feast in Mumbai to feed nearly 1.75 lakh people in the city worst affected by the COVID19 pandemic in India. Already he has distributed millions of dry ration meals to the needy across 79 cities in India solidarity amidst the COVID19 crisis.

The food was distributed on Friday, to put together a massive Eid feast, where his team distributed 100,000+ kg of dry ration, fresh and dry fruits, spices, sugar, Eid essential sevaiyaan, kitchen utensils, oil, tea, coffee and juices after taking blessings from the Haji Ali Dargah. The whole procedure was done with adequate social distancing and the food was given out in Mumbai areas of solidarity Mohammad Ali Road, Dharavi, and Mahim Dargah, with support from National Disaster Relief Force.

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Chef Vikas Khanna has also created a supply chain in April to ensure dry solidarity ration distribution in orphanages, old age homes, and leprosy centers in India. “Eid is a symbol of gratitude and unity. As the last week has been hard for each of us, we wanted to stand in solidarity to celebrate Eid.” Chef Vikas Khanna told to IANSlife. solidarity On helping migrants he said we are together to be India. Each one of us, they are the soul and the backbone.

Every day serving them meals has been the highlight in his career. He also solidarity said that India will win against the virus. “ India has said it will win and the effort is our stamp. This will be the common man serving the common man.” His initiative has been supported by some of the major food brands, foundations, and companies. He coordinates daily through phone meeting up all the logistical requirements including security permits to transfer the ration between States and cities, pickup and deliveries from wholesale vendors and stockpiles, and distribution to concerned solidarity centers.

His efforts have helped to bring a smile on the faces solidarity of plenty and to serve his countrymen are worth all the appreciation and applause.

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