BAN Zoom is an online Video communications app that has received a great response all over the world. Amidst this lockdown, Zoom is being by people to connect to their loved ones as well conduct their BAN businesses but in India, it has run into some major trouble. Previously a plea had been filed against the platform which sought a ban on its usage until a proper legislation system is put in place, the Central Government also requested the public to stop using Zoom as it breaches privacy.

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The supreme court has now asked the Centre for an official response on the plea. BAN Zoom has responded to the allegations by stating that ‘We take user privacy, security, and trust extremely seriously’. They said that they have been continuously upgrading the platform according to their 90-day plan which has been implanted since 1 st April, the network is safe and secure and is actively engaging with BAN the Indian Government providing any information that is asked.

On Friday, 22 nd May, a bench headed by Chief Justice BAN SA Bobde issued a notice to the Central
Government stating that Zoom makes users vulnerable and prone to cyber threats. The notice
states that Zoom has a bug in it which makes it possible to intentionally leak personal data of users to third parties. It accuses Zoom of not actually having end to end encryptions and added that Zoom has previously accepted that it mistakenly BAN routed traffic through China.

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During these modern times where everything can be done online, BAN it is not difficult to hack if the network is not secure. Because of the Lockdown, people have become more active online, but so have the hackers. This has increased the need for a secure platform that can be used for official as well as personal purposes. The Supreme court has asked the government to respond to the plea in 4 weeks, the plea was filed by Harsh Chug, a Delhi resident.

It highlights that Zoom is exploiting the data of millions of users and practices BAN data and cyber
hoarding. The Indian Government has Indian startups to make an BAN alternative to Zoom which can be used by everyone to communicate with each other. Taking advantage of Zoom being continuously criticized, other platforms like Microsoft Skype, Google Meet and Facebook’s Messenger Rooms are using this opportunity to promote their own platform. Zoom India’s head and General Manager has stated that they are working with different divisions and ministries of BAN the government to make the platform more secure and safe for public use.

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