Every pop-culture enthusiast has some inclination towards a genre like romance, horror or action. While there are several TV shows and web series that bring one or two genres together and attract those who are interested in those ideas, what do you think about a web series that brings FIVE genres together in the same show? Interesting right?

Well, the new web series of MX Player is combining several themes into one show and doing much more by bringing us love stories depicted through different genres. ‘Idiot Box’, which is a Marathi web series, is directed by Jeet Ashok and Virajas Kulkarni, actors of Majha Hoshil Naa TV series. This webs series is a plethora of entertainment as it presents to us the themes of Spy Thriller, True Crime, Reality TV, Action Drama and Musical genre.

This MX player original series is a five-episodic show based on drama and comedy that revolves around the life of Akash (essayed by Shivraj Waichal) who desperately wants to get back his ex-girlfriend, Shashwati, with the help of his friend Sayli (played by Shivani Rangoli).

From spying on people to getting into an unexpected heist and finally having a fight with his ex-girlfriend Shashwati’s fiancé, this web series depicts all the mushy things that an Indian man does to get back his lady love. Akash’s plans and attempts to get back his girlfriend and reconcile with her is nothing less than what we conventionally enjoy on our ‘Idiot Box’ that is, our TVs. Each episode of these five episodic series brings out one of the popular genres of Indian television and presents what millions have enjoyed over the years.

The show has been divided into episodes on the basis of the genre that it represents. As each episode deals with a different genre, the show consists of a full-on classic romantic scene containing a mixture of slow dances and declarations of love to dedicated fight and duel scenes inspired from the traditional action movies with over-the-top fights that are loved by all ages.

The lead actor, Shivraj Waichal, while talking about the show, said, “Most of us have been through this, wanting to win back our girlfriends or boyfriends at some point in life. ‘Idiot Box’ will take you through a funny, yet the heartwarming journey of Akash’s complicated love life in a very relatable manner; that’s the one thing I loved about this web series and I’m sure audiences will love too”.

The audience will be treated with the fine performances of actors like Abhijeet Khandkekar, Spruha Joshi, Pushkar Jog, Akshay Tanksale, Sanskruti Balgude, Mrinal Kulkarni, Pravin Tarde, Aashay Kulkarni and Sunit Barve. They successfully bring on-screen, a story told since ages but presents it in a manner that has never been seen before.

This mini-drama and comedy series, originally in the Marathi language, is dubbed in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil and all versions are available on MX Player.

Grab your favourite snacks and binge-watch the show! Tell us in the comments below, what you loved the most in the series.

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