Armies are considered as a very important part of a country as it is the only way a country can defend itself from internal threats as well as external threats. Countries take special measures to strengthen their armies and spend a lot of money, making new weapons, vehicles, etc. Here is a list of some powerful armies in the world on the basis of number, technological advances in training and weapons, and the budget allocated.

1) THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- this name cannot be disputed as the most powerful army in the world. The united states spend a colossal amount of $612.5 billion on its military which is more than the sum of the budgets of other countries combined. It has over 1.4 million soldiers in its army and has additional 800,000 soldiers as reservists. It is also the world leader in aircraft production, with a fleet of 19 aircraft carriers, the world as a whole has only 12 aircraft carriers the country also has 7500 nuclear warheads, thus the defense budget, manpower, air force, navy etc. make it the world’s most powerful army.

2) RUSSIA- Earlier the Russian army was considered to be the most powerful army when it was part of the Soviet army but even after the collapse of the Soviet Union the Russian army holds a formidable post in this list. The Russian defense budget stands at $76.6 billion which is expected to grow at a rate of 44% in the upcoming years. It has 766,000 soldiers in its active army and about 2.5 million soldiers in reserve. It has the largest number of tanks in the world with 15,500 tanks. Russia also has the highest number of warheads which stands at around 8500 active warheads.

3) CHINA- China has a defense budget if about $126 billion and is still increasing its defense budget every year. It has the world’s largest standing force with 2.285 million active personnel and 2.3 million soldiers in reserve along with 25000 land vehicles for the transport of its army. China currently has 2800 aircraft, 300 nuclear weapons along with 180 different methods for its deployment.

4) INDIA- India has a defense budget of $46 billion which is thinking to increase formidably because of the constant threat it faces by countries like China and Pakistan and is trying to modernize its military power. India has a standing army of 3.5 million soldiers out of which 1.325 million personnel are active all-around India. The country also has 16,000 land vehicles which includes 3500 tanks. It also has 1785 aircraft along with nuclear warheads. Indian ballistic missiles are known for their range, accuracy, and firepower. India is also the world’s largest import of military goods.

5) UNITED KINGDOM- The United Kingdom has one of the most powerful armies because of its superior training methods, equipment’s and its 160 nuclear weapons. The United Kingdom plans to reduce its army size and expenditure and shift it the expenditure to the royal navy and royal air force. The defense budget is $54 billion and it has about 205,000 active personnel, an air force of 908 aircraft, and a navy with 66 ships.

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