Amrendra Dhari Singh – A new face of RJD

RJD( Rashtriya Janata Dal) is an Indian political party based in the Northern State of Bihar. The party was found and established by Lalu Prasad Yadav in 1997. Since its origin, Rashtriya Janata Dal is tenaciously functioning as the voice of the socially and economically oppressed sections of the society. The declaration of entrepreneur/ businessman Amarendra Dhari Singh’s name as one of the two RJD possibility for Rajya Sabha decisions, planned in the not so distant future, shocked most of the leaders of RJD.

RJD MLAs, who were available when Singh recorded his selection papers, clearly said they have never met him. RJD MLA Muneshwar Rai said “I don’t know him. But since the party asked me to come and be present when Singh is filing his nomination papers, I came”. Many leaders were saying they were sure that Rabri Devi, wife of Lalu Prasad Yadav, would be elected and sent to Rajya Sabha from their party. It was quite a surprise to hear such a new name. some RJD leaders were surprised as well but they attributed Singh’s nomination to the fact that during the election a party needs financial aid and it is good to have such a strong businessman like R.D Singh to support them.

Tejaswi Pratap Yadav added ” Even a lot of ministers are not known. I remember reading a report in which an officer detained Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey (because he didn’t know that Pandey is a minister).” Tejaswi also said that RJD has always been a party whose mass base had been traditionally backward classes, and not merely a Muslim Yadav party.

a strong self-made man A.D Singh was born in Patna, did his schooling from the best school of Patna, St. Micheal’s School, and later completed his graduation from Delhi University. After a few years, he got involved in the fertilizer business as well as real estate.

The election affidavit of Singh shows he lives in Defense Colony in Delhi. An alum from Kirori Mal College, Singh is unmarried. His annual assessment forms for the budgetary year 2019-20 was over Rs 24 crore, the sworn statement expressed. A helpful friend and an honest businessman, involved in the import-export business of fertilizers for years. He was helped by an influential civil servant to get the permit for the import and fare of composts and fertilizers.

From that point forward, Singh has been bringing in manures for privately owned businesses and sending out them to the Middle-East and different nations of the previous Soviet Union (USSR), said his companions. He is a SAWARN (BHUMIHAAR) and was elected to the Rajya Sabha from Bihar, at the injunction of RJD CHIEF Lalu Prasad Yadav himself. This took everyone by surprise because RJD has always been a party with a mass base of lower castes. Tejaswi also said that RJD has always been a party whose mass base had been traditionally backward classes, and not merely a Muslim Yadav party. Aside from him, Prem Chand Gupta is another leader who was elected to the Rajya Sabha for RJD. Gupta is a five-term Rajya Sabha MP and furthermore a nearby Lalu aide

“Singh is an independent man who does clean business. I have seen him develop since the 1990s and he has never looked back. He gives for humanitarian causes and has consistently been useful to his cohorts,” said Singh’s companion Arindam Guha, who had studied with him in St Michael’s School, Patna. He is a billionaire with a Gross Total value of above ₹188 crore.

His friends and the many people who know him, claim that he has a very kind soul.

He is said to soon open a charitable hospital in Delhi with 200 beds in these trying times.

He has always been in social work, also runs a charitable foundation named after his mother and father. He has also been helping and supporting former DGP Abhyanand who runs a coaching for IIT, popularly known as SUPER30, and not just that he has been very compassionate to the students of SUPER30 and has helped them to complete their education. We are hoping to see more powerful yet compassionate leaders like A.D. Singh to come forward and make India better together B by doing their duties responsibly and efficiently.

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