There’s Nothing That Nita Ambani can’t afford (Quite Literally!) Here’s A List That Proves It.

The Ambani family is known to bathe in luxury every day. But while it’s easy to guess the fleet of cars or the unending range of outfits Mukesh Ambani owns, it’s fascinating to take a peek into his wife, Nita Ambani’s larger-than-life wardrobe.

Think about it for a moment: What all she owns? A wardrobe of luxury watches? A city of jewellery? If you can’t hold on to your excitement, imagine how excited we are to unravel the expensive items owned by the wife of Asia’s richest man.

Here’s taking you through Nita Ambani’s road to spending her husband’s hard cash.

Nita Ambani’s earthly paradise
Nita Ambani’s wardrobe and makeup collection are every girl’s paradise on earth. With the overloaded collection of different items, Nita’s expensive items seem to have no end. Let’s take a look at what all she owns!

The penchant for handbags
Nita Ambani’s fetish for handbags seems to be larger than our lifespan! (Just kidding!) But the fact that this gorgeous woman has a lavish collection of bags from the most expensive brands is difficult to resist.


Whether it is a Jimmy choo or Versace, Nita Ambani has it all. Very recently, Nita Ambani was spotted with the Kapoor sisters where she was carrying a diamond and gold studded bag from Hermes’ which is the world’s most expensive brand.

Can you guess what it costs? Over Rs 2.60 Crores!

Fetish for customized lipsticks
Nita Ambani owns a dazzling collection of personalized lipstick. You will never spot her without a matching lip shade with her outfit. Well, I am already burning in envy!


While Mr. Ambani’s beautiful lady never misses matching the perfect lipstick shade with all her outfits, she ensures that all of her lipsticks are customized in different lipstick holders for her convenience.

Her lipstick holders are said to be made of gold and silver with the whole collection costing around Rs.40 Lakhs! *dies*

An abode of diamond-studded sarees
Nita Ambani’s love for sarees is as big as her love for her personalized makeup collection. She loves dressing up in traditional outfits and wears sarees that define her elegance.


Mrs. Ambani owns an abode of sarees that are from the most expensive brands. Recently, she was even observed wearing a saree that was fully handwoven and studded with gold, diamonds, and emeralds. It is estimated that this saree alone costs 40 Lakh.

Well, undoubtedly Nita Ambani enjoys sleeping in the lap of luxury!

A carnival of luxury watches and shoes
Nita Ambani’s love for watches and shoes is another affinity that cannot be concealed for long. This forever-young lady also owns an expansive list of watches from the top brands around the world. Gucci, Rado, Bvlgari or Calvin Klein, she already owns that you are yet to dream about!


Apart from the watches, Nita Ambani also owns a dozen shoes each of which costs 1 Lakh (atleast!). From pricey sandals to shoes, it’s crazy how Nita Ambani never repeats her shoes. I repeat, NEVER! How envious are we now?

Museum-worthy collection of jewellery
Mrs. Ambani is often observed wearing jewellery adorned with unique diamonds, gold, and silver. While we can only imagine how pricey each of them is, it’s fair to say that she owns a unique collection of jewellery altogether.


Her outstanding jewellery collection which is very close to her heart is a product of her undying fascination for it. Designed from different parts of the world, she looks mesmerizing in every piece!

A corporate jet worth 240 Crores
With all that money, she still doesn’t have enough!

Nita Ambani also owns a massive corporate jet that is worth 240 Crores today. This beautiful jet was gifted to Mrs. Ambani by her beloved husband, Mukesh Ambani. *Vadde log, vaddi baatein!*


Nita Ambani sure seems to be blessed with all of her husband’s almighty money. While she spends millions on herself and her daily lifestyle, let me tell you that the Ambani’s don’t miss out on helping the vulnerable sections of our society.

So all that spending is very well justified!

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