5 Tiny-Little Ways To Give Back To Who Gave You Everything

Have you ever thought about giving back to what gave you everything? No, I’m not talking about our parents; I’m talking about our environment. Do you ever think where or how would you have been if it was not the environment’s generosity to give you everything free of cost – air to breathe, land to live, water to survive?

Nothing can be one-sided (even love, after a point). If we don’t bother to give back for what nature has been doing for us, our Mother Earth will become a ruined ball of mess.


Why should I?

Because the ice at the Poles is melting away? As a normal being following your everyday chores, I know that you couldn’t care less about the polar bears, seals, etc who are making their way towards extinction. But you will care if there are no rains to give you food, no drinking water available for you the next day and you will definitely care if there are no winters for you to flaunt that expensive coat you bought. You have to care because if you don’t, no one else will and one day everything will be gone (even, you!).

Giving back to the environment is not discussing or criticizing Greta Thunberg or listening to our global leaders talk about how our activities are going to be our destruction. It is taking initiative and acting towards the benefit of nature. You don’t have to be a millionaire or a celebrity to serve your duty as a responsible citizen. A tiny little step every day, in your own defined area, is all that you need to do. Let’s show you how.

1. Don’t walk away from the helpless beings


It’s high time you realize animals are a significant part of our environment. They play a significant role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. If you can’t pet an animal, at least try not to leave an injured pup stranded in the middle of the road. I am not asking you to go to the forests and take care of the beasts, but if you ever see a dog or a cat or any of other beings stuck in a drain or in terrible hunger, please help them, use the vet services or foster them if you’ve always wanted a pet. Believe me, they love you unconditionally, there’s a reason why dogs are said to be more faithful than humans!

2. Volunteer for water cleaning programs on weekends


Volunteering programs might sound very obvious but there are people who are unaware of these. If you live somewhere close to a riverbank or a beach, you could sign up for a volunteer program, where hundreds of people invest one precious day in cleaning a small part of the waters. In India, the WWF India organization, the Ganga Action organization, besides the many others, gives you an opportunity to serve the nature by helping them clean up the waters and land.

3. Donate the leftovers after a party


Events and functions in India generate heavy wastage of food and other resources. Usually, the leftover (which is half of the food) is all thrown away whereas the number of people dying of hunger keeps rising. Contact any volunteer organization to collect the leftovers and distribute it among the poor and needy. Some of the names who are doing extraordinary work are the Robin Hood Army and Feeding India organizations. Now, you’ll not be guilty of wasting even a single bite!

4. Use paper baskets instead of plastic bags


This is not something which hasn’t been iterated again and again, but is there any harm in repeating something good? Plastic is tagged as one of the worst pollutants, but there are hardly any initiatives taken to bring plastic under control. With the single-use plastic ban imposed in India, it’s time to change our habits. You can take this one step further by removing all kinds of plastic you use and replace it with other alternatives. Guess what – it’s going to save your money too because the substitutes are recyclable!

5. Spread awareness and motivate others


One reason why a lot of pro-environment schemes fail to work is that people are ignorant of the benefits and services of the plans. Creating awareness is the key to good implementation. Join volunteer programs to educate people on the hazards and solutions to environmental problems and the consequences which come attached. After all, our mother nature can’t walk door-to-door asking for help.

Final Word

We are debtors to our environment in many ways. But unlike humans, society never asks anything in return.

Every day that goes by without helping others, is an opportunity missed. Consider all those times when the society carved your way towards success – it’s your turn now!

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