Are your subscriptions of OTT platforms expiring, renew now because you would not like to regret missing the series and movies coming up this week.

1. Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai
Choked is a movie directed by Sacred Games director, Anurag Kashyap. It is a Netflix original movie and features Saiyami Kher in the lead role. Saiyami will be seen playing the role of a
banker who struggles to make her living. One day she discovers bundles of notes in her basin and taking it as a Godsend blessing, she starts spending it in a thrifty manner until the PM declares demonetisation and all her cash becomes illegitimate. As she tries to continue her new
standard of living she enters the world of crime. OtT It will be available on Netflix on the 5th of June.

2. 13 Reasons Why S4 :
13 Reasons Why has been a disputed series ever since its release. It is seemingly the season finale of the series. While the initial seasons focused on Hannah Baker, a high school student who killed herself and left a series of OtT tapes stating the 13 reasons which led her to do so. This season will focus on the turmoil after Monty’s death is S3. Winston knows about Monty’s innocence and traces the real criminal while the others should keep a deadly secret from being revealed. This drama will be releasing on 5th June on Netflix.

3. Chintu Ka Birthday:
Chintu ka Birthday is a Zee5 original film. It is produced by video content creators AIB. It is set in the backdrop of the American invasion of Iraq. It revolves around an Indian family who are stuck in Iraq amid the chaos and how OtT the family come together to celebrate the birthday of the youngest member, Chintu. Their house is invaded by American fighters as his father tries to prove their nationality and make sure his son’s birthday isn’t spoiled. It will be available on Zee5 on 5the June.

4. Jojo Rabbit:
The 92nd Academy Award for Best Adaption is finally coming on the digital platform. The movie revolves around Jojo who is ten years old and influence by the Nazi ideology of nationalism. Adolf Hitler is the imaginary friend of the boy. The boy finds out that his mother has provided shelter to a Jew girl and decides OtT to turn them in but in a twist of the plot he changes his mind and moves away from the blind nationalism. It will be releasing on 2nd June and would be streaming on Disney- Hotstar.

5. El Presidente:
This show revolves around the 2015 FIFA GATE corruption scandal and the role of Sergio Jaude, the FBI informant and the president of Chilean national soccer association. This is a must-watch for the sports fan as it puts light on the dark side of the game. The plot is filled with lots of excitement and thrill. It will be available on Amazon Prime from 5th June 2020.

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