Sonu Sood, one of the finest actors of Bollywood came up as a superhero for the migrant
workers and laborers in this hard time. Everyone knows how bad situations are for them.
While most of just saying and feeling bad for them, he came up as an initiator and taken up
all the responsibilities on his shoulder. As of now, many prominent personalities and celebs are
also getting inspired by him and coming up to help them.

Just like him, Swara Bhaskar also came up helping around 1400 migrant workers in Delhi to
send them to their homes in the Bihar and U.P. region. Sonu Sood She also said in her statement that she
feels ‘ashamed’ by seeing this situation and doing nothing but just relaxing in our home. She
arranged food for traveling persons and other necessities. Amitabh Bachchan also sponsored and arranged a total of 10 buses which carried around 250 people to their respective destinations in Uttar Pradesh.

Not just the celebs but also from the corporate sector some great heart persons are doing their
best to help the needy. An industrialist named Raman Kumar along with his father Rakesh
Kumar and friend Ravinder Bharadwaj took the responsibility of around 800 people to send
them their respective places. He’s a Jalandhar based businessman who runs a shoe factory there.

He said he is inspired by Sonu Sood who’s doing very great work. Also, he is doing all the
expenses from his own pocket and facing Sonu Sood the losses too. He also said in his statement that, “If I had more money, I would do what Sonu Sood did in Mumbai. On most days, the officials
accommodated the laborers we took to them. Sonu Sood On occasions when trains were full, we provided
food to them till they found the next trains or buses. Now, most of them have left.” 

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