STRENGTHEN Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s military dictator has vowed to strengthen North Korea’s Nuclear
deterrence. Kim had disappeared from public view for the past few months which caused many rumors to come up claiming he was ill STRENGTHEN or dead. These claims were strengthened by the fact that any official statements from North Korea lacked comments by STRENGTHEN Kim himself.


Kim then STRENGTHEN suddenly appeared and in the Central Military commission’s meeting he vows to strengthen their nuclear deterrence and North Korea’s armed forces to deter any threats from hostile forces. Strategic armed forces are to be put on high alert and measures are being taken to increase the fire power of North Korea’s artillery.

This comes after US and North Korea’s recent talks over North Korea’s denuclearization became STRENGTHEN very tensed. North Korea withdrew from the nuclear nonproliferation treaty in 1994. The United States wants North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons while North Korea bluntly refused unilateral disarmament STRENGTHEN arguing that the weapon programme is needed for its defence.

On Feb 28, the Hanoi talks collapsed when Trump straightaway demanded North Korea to hand over its nuclear material and bomb fuel to the United States. This enraged the Korean side and they threatened to cancel the Singapore talks. Currently, peaceful dialogue between them has stopped.


The United States is the country STRENGTHEN worst hit by the Coronavirus whereas North Korea claims to have no new cases of coronavirus. South Korean intelligence states otherwise, but the amount of positive cases in North Korea according to them is still one of the STRENGTHEN lowest in the world. It is alleged that North Korea has a policy of killing those infected by the virus.

The international community hopes North Korea and the United States resume dialogue as it involves global peace. North Korea’s pledge to increase its nuclear capability comes after the US decided to conduct its first fully-fledged nuclear test after 1992.

It is claimed that the United States has taken this decision to pressure from China and Russia’s
commitment to improving arms-commitment STRENGTHEN and enforcement. The international community believes that this decision will just lead to more countries threatening nuclear war and as an excuse by North Korea to improve its nuclear programme. The two countries are set to meet each other on June 12 in Singapore. Hopefully, this issue can be solved through compromise.

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