You’d Think They Were drunk.

Drunk We all knew that sometimes alcohol can make people do crazy things. But I just assumed that that was after it was consumed; how daft of me to think so. As lockdown rules get more lenient, people have started crowding outside alcohol stores. And as if it is not dumb enough for people to risk their lives by mixing in crowds, people are doing dumber things now. They are going so far as to drunk commit crimes just for a drink. Here is a list of some ridiculously messed up examples-

You had think they were drunk-NewsORB360 drunk

A man strangled his 52-year-old drunk father to death because he refused to give the man any money to buy booze. So, if I got this right, alcohol was more important to somebody than their father.

A man stabbed his friend who he had drinking plans with because he forgot to bring ‘chakna’ with the booze; this resulted in an argument drunk that turned out to be fatal. Salted peanuts> friend apparently.

You had think they were drunk-NewsORB360 drunk

A police constable tried to steal liquor that drunk had been seized by the police in Telangana. He, however, got caught in the act. You’d think a police officer would a) not steal, or b) at least know enough to not get caught doing it.

A man drunk killed his pregnant wife because she refused to give him money drunk for alcohol. Show of hands, has anybody heard anything more screwed up than that?

A man and his son took the situation in their own hands. They decided to get creative and while the rest of the world was busy baking banana break or making Dalgona coffee, this Father and son duo decided to brew their own booze. I really think this is how crazy scientists start out.

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