Islam phobia- Is it a term coined by fascist Government to manipulate people?

Amongst various opinions and interpretation of the word Islam phobia, Barak Obama (former president of USA) once said: “The values that we are fighting against ISIS for are precise that we don’t discriminate people based on their faith”. But how is it true in recent times? Why countries are becoming intolerant towards a particular religion that is Islam?

Since ages, we have taught that Islam is different from us. We all have taught not to eat anything given by them. The West’s social battle over Islam has entered a serious new stage since the ascent of the Islamic State. Discussions about how religion promotes terrorism. Is Islam naturally brutal and prejudiced, or Is it serene, differing and frequently the casualty of Western mastery? We often consider that Islam is rigid in the form of expression and don’t like to adopt changes with time. They are also alleged to spread their faith by converting the religion of people.

Among many counties which witnesses a wave of biasedness towards a particular religion. Europe is among those countries. The presence of approximately 25 million Muslims in the 28 nations of the European Union is at present starting discussion, contention, dread and even contempt. At no other time have we seen such an atmosphere of shared doubt among Muslims and standard European social orders. Muslims, then again, are persuaded that most of Europeans reject their quality and criticize and caricaturist their religion.

Christopher Hitchens once quoted “Islam phobia a word created by fascists and used by coward to manipulate morons”. The statement raises a question; what changed in India after 2014 in reference to intolerance towards Islamic religion? Today, as the world fights (COVID-19, India is likewise combating another danger to life – Islamic hate. As of late, web-based media and WhatsApp bunches have been overflowed which calls for unity and an urge to boycott Muslims. There have been various physical assaults on Muslims, including volunteers appropriating help material, in the midst of misrepresentations blaming them for spreading the infection purposely in reference to Tablighi Jamaat. The recent trending hashtag of boycotting Tanishq advertisement which focussed on Hindu-Muslim Marriage showed the intolerant side of the people.  It is not just cantered to India but across the world. The word Muslim is ban in the west, the people of the west don’t want to entertain their hostility.

There is no Cuba, no Vietnam, in the Muslim world, and no spot where American powers are included as soldiers or even as “guides.” But there is a Libya, an Iran, and a Lebanon, and a flood of contempt that upsets, alerts, or more all puzzles Americans. The world clearly has a common enemy which is Islam they differentiate them on the basis of being reluctant, criticize them for being rigid on their faith which often results in terrorism. But it is proved in history; if you want to rule a country “DIVIDE THEM”. We grew up singing “united we stand, divided we fall”. When it comes to India is the epitome of unity in diversity. So after looking at all aspects the question remains; does Islam phobia exist? Or it is a way of fascist people to divide and rule?

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