The priority of Government amidst global pandemic

It was barely any months back that Coronavirus hit us with a worldwide pandemic. During the lockdown and even after the Unlock in different states; the residents of India are attempting to back their budgetary soundness. In the midst of this pandemic when individuals lost their positions, some doesn’t get their compensations they can’t adapt up to the consumptions. The central government assumed a significant function by moving certain add up to the residents who have set up their record in “Pradhan Mantri Jan – Dhan Yojna” and providing free rations.

When it comes to major expenditures; citizen of India is still struggling to cope up with the Education fees payment structure in private schools. Where the Delhi Government are strict towards it; Manish Shishodia (Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi) in an address expressed “Delhi Governments’ big decision in the interest of private school students. Private schools have been directed not to change fee under any other components other than tuition fees. Schools will have to adjust the money in the coming months in case they have already collected additional fees from parents…” Gujarat Government likewise guided Private schools to take 25% cut in Annual school charges. Calcutta High court orders tuition-based school to offer a 20% decrease in expenses. But there is a craving strike presently going on in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad city looking for some guideline in Private School charges structure by the state government. But to counter the situation they are being cleared for Covid test and caution them for violating – 144. Indeed, even in Punjab, the legislature has passed no heading to manage non-public school charges instalment structure. Whereas the schools in Haryana have been requested by the Government to just gather month to month educational expenses from just the individuals who are equipped for paying, and not request different charges like advancement charges, media lab, or practical lab charges.

Regardless of the way that state government provided any guideline or not, ground-level usage isn’t seen in different states and cities. On one hand, where parents are struggling to pay higher fees charged by the private school, teachers are struggling to get their salaries despite their efforts. The protests by parents and teachers association are ignored by the state and central government. Moreover, the centre ordered the state to take its own call. Amidst the global pandemic where teachers and students are adapting the online mode of education, the administrations are undermining the position of educational institutions by converting it into a money-making business. The state government like Uttar Pradesh who didn’t pass any direction to regulate the fee structure evidently shows their priority which lies in changing names of cities and places and other states like Punjab and Haryana who are not ready to address the actual problem after passing the regulation.

In times like these, the pillars of our society who are the young minds and teachers are affected by the administration politics and the on-going tension between state and central government regarding funds. Despite being patient for months the parents who were unable to pay the fees due to the countrywide lockdown will have to pay the consequences.

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