Is Forever A Lie Among The Youth?

The contemporary young generation is a pitiful victim of irony. While speaking of ‘together forever’ and ‘couple goals’ tags in this era, the youth often forgets the underlying reality that demeans these terms. 

Amongst a generation where friends with benefits are blindly preferred over lovers for a lifetime, it is quite daunting to analyze whether forever even exists. 

Is forever a lie among the youth? Let us unravel as we scroll through!

FOREVER – A clear unreality 

It is no secret to mankind, that the divorce rates and commitment issues have rapidly risen to an unimaginable extent. What is the youth up to? Is the concept of love a mere facade for them?

Today, let’s run you across the common problems that are leading to drifts between young couples. 

Extra-marital affair 

What is most astonishing about this generation is the unapologetic acceptance of extra-marital affairs and infidelity. So many young couples are barging on to extra-marital affairs where they are neither ashamed, guilty, compassionate nor fearful of the consequences. 

About 58% of adult couples (as of 2012) are indulged in extra-marital relationships which are straight-up leading to drift in their marriage. That is only one reason out of the entire list of why divorce rates are increasing fearlessly. 

  • Impatience 

Perhaps, one of the leading reasons why commitment issues and divorce rates have both increased luminously is due to lack of patience. 

Both men and women have become impatient today. Fighting over a minuscule difference of opinion, holding on to the ego and bombarding blames on each other are only a few signs of impatience which are already very common in every household. 

About 10% of 30-year-old couples ended at least one marriage already, revealed the divorce stats of 2017

  • Lack of trust 

Trust is the key foundation for any relationship to bolster. If this is absent, there’s not much time when the relationship will cripple like a house of cards. Lack of trust is also one important reason why millions of young couples are prone to commitment phobia, today.

This ‘only-mobile’ generation finds it difficult to trust people majorly because of the past incidents say a major heartbreak, and where is that coming from? – Well, that’s still to be unfolded. With such massive issues at hand, commitment issues are far from reaching a conclusion. 

  • Independence 

While being free-spirited is happy news, it could be devastating for your relationship to a certain extent. The thought of being dependent on someone after years of being a free-bird generates fear in partners which makes them commitment-phobic. 

Speaking of commitment issues in youth, it is a very common factor. More than half the adult population is prone to commitment issues due to several reasons. 

  • Selfishness 

Today’s young generation is bottled with self needs before everybody else’s. For them, it is daunting to imagine being submissive to someone or put somebody else’s demands over theirs. Such common facts of selfishness are leading to unrestricted problems in relationships. 

Most men and women are drifting apart causing divorce rates to level up drastically for the same reason. Over half of the respondents declared it difficult to put their needs before someone else’s in a statistic record survey. This is exactly why the downfall of relationships is becoming ironically common. 

  • Argument-driven bonds 

Today, more relationships are uncommunicative which is to say, they lack the power of mutual understanding and cooperation. Such minute problems too, have given birth to argument-driven issues that are increasing divorce rates at a higher level. 

Partners do not care about each other’s opinions until they have to take theirs into consideration. With such unidimensional issues, the consequences become unfathomably awful. 

Is forever really a lie among young couples?
Looking at the divorce rates and commitment issue stats, it is easier to predict that the term ‘forever’ is an unaccompanied myth for most adult couples. The depth of love, the serenity in a relationship and the key elements that keep the bond cemented are mostly missing in each of these marriages and relationships. 

The final cry!

With the heightened number of hook-ups and one-night stands among this generation, commitment issues are expected to rise even further, breaking the boundaries to a massive extent. 

Conclusively, it looks like the definition of forever only stands temporary. That the whole theory of love and loving isn’t going to last longer than a decade.

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