Floyd To RIP As His Interment Details Announced

Afro- American, George Floyd, who lost his life in a shocking incident of police brutality. Houston mayor, Sylvester Turner, announced details of his burial at his hometown, Houston. The death of Floyd has triggered widespread protest across the USA.

PTI has reported about the plan of the burial of George Floyd at Houston after a public visitation of Minneapolis. George Floyd who is an Afro American was killed by a white
policeman of the state of Minneapolis. He was suspect of counterfeiting and the police caught him from his car. One of the four policemen, who arrested him, pinned his knee on his
throat as he gasped for breath. He was pinned by the policeman for eight minutes forty- six-second, after which he lost his life.

This incident was caught on camera by the passers-by and a nearby CCTV camera. According to authorities, “Officer Derek Chauvin has been fired, and on Friday was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.”

This entire incident has triggered unrest across the United States, protesters have set buildings aflame as well as looted many shops. President Trump was moved to the bunker of White House as protesters surrounded the building.

The mayor of Houston has declared plans about the funeral of Floyd but he didn’t put light on the details of this arrangement. He said in a statement, “This is our house. This is the same city that George Floyd grew up, And his body will be returning to this city. To his city.”

According to reports detailing George’s childhood, “Born in North Carolina, Floyd was raised in Houston and stood out as a star athlete at Jack Yates High School in the southeastern part of the city. He moved to Minneapolis in 2014, but most of his family, including his two daughters, are still in Houston.”

Art Acevedo, Police Department chief, Houston is looking for an opportunity to honor George by providing him with a police escort at his funeral. Art was quoted during a rally stating, “Give us that honor,” on 31 st May. Informing about the details of this police escort that the police
the department will be using high security in transporting the deceased body of George which would be similar to the one which is provided to a police officer who dies on duty.

He has stated that he will be adding further details on this in a rally to be conducted on 2nd June 2020. There has been no official confirmation from the side of George’s family and lawyers. However, George’s family has appealed to the people for maintaining peace as Floyd’s body will reach home.

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