RAKTANCHAL On 28th May 2020, MX player dropped its latest web series, Raktanchal. MX player which was a video player previously also entered the OTT platforms segment in India and has added valuable content since then.

MX Player’s Ek Thi Begum and Bhaukal were a major success for the platform as the critics received it very well. In a similar fashion, Raktanchal, a crime based action-packed drama is winning the hearts of the viewers. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on this action- a thrilling web series.

1. Realistic: One of the major highlights of the story is its authenticity. The makers of the series have made sure that the viewers acknowledge this fact too. Whether it be in the trailer
or the Intro, the point that it is based on the RAKTANCHAL real-life events of the ’80s is displayed.

It gives a peek into the Uttar Pradesh of the ’80s and ’90s when gangsters who were also tender- mafias dominated the state. It is also displayed how businesses like coal, liquors, and railways were dominated by the local Bahubali’s with the support of corrupt politicians. It also gives us a view of the rivalries between local gangsters and the rampant bloodshed it resulted in.

The series also the dominance of communalism RAKTANCHAL in India and how riots were sparked by using animal parts sacred to various religions.

2. Lead Character: The web- series features Waseem Khan (played by Nikitin Dheer )and Vijay Singh (played by Kranti Prakash Jha. ) in the lead roles. Although in comparison to
the latter the former may have less screen time RAKTANCHAL the importance of either could not be diminished.

The primary rivalry forms between the duo. While Waseem is an established criminal as Vijay who is a young criminal finds his way to rise to the top largely driven by vengeance.

3. Stellar Support Cast: While the lead role has equally nailed their role, nevertheless, appreciation should be provided to the supporting roles. Whether it be the swag of Chanki Pandey keep the couple engaged. A couple of Katta and Item was also very engaging.

4. Riveting Storyline: The plot is well rafted as it maintains the sequence of events and a cause and effect relationship-. The background story of each character is provided. The
viewers are hooked to the thriller as both the sides wrest to gain the upper hand. While Team Wase em fights to maintain its relevance and dominance, on the other hand, Team Vijay
struggles to rise to the top.

5. Climax: The series reaches its climax in the final RAKTANCHAL episode when both the gangsters have a face to face interaction after a long series of hide and seek. The series ends at a cliff hanger
with the viewers expecting a second season.

6. FREE: The most persuasive reason to watch this web series lies in the fact that it is available totally free on the MX Player application.

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