All of us saw Aquaman for the first time when he made his appearance in Dc’s Justice League (2017), yes, the movie was shit but everyone loved Aquaman. He looked cool, is goofy, playful, and is a bright character, something you don’t see in most DC movies. All of us were waiting for his movie and then in 2018, we got “AQUAMAN”.

The Movie is very different from DC’s usual dark approach, its funny, cool and flashy. Atlantis’s queen Atlanna gets injured and ends up near the lighthouse run by a man. They fall in love and that is how Arthur Curry, a half-human and half Atlantean is born. Atlanta has to go back to Atlantis to save Arthur and his father so he grows up without a mother. No, this is not a revenge story, basically, some stuff happens and he ends up having to find the lost trident to become the rightful king and also has to battle a tech-savvy pirate whose father he refused to sav earlier. The movie is quite long but not boring per se, it could have been better without some of the scenes in between.

Like I said earlier, this is movie is quite humorous and cool, you get to see a lot of advanced tech and a lot of booms. Aquaman’s personality is very appealing, he is charismatic, goofy, and reasonably stronger in comparison to his enemies. The movie is quite beautiful, you see a lot of underwater sceneries and the fight sequences are amazing. The plot might seem unpredictable, but the scenes, backgrounds, and situations seem out of this world, like it takes you to the limit of your imagination. The dialogues could be better and though the movie seems long; its finale saves it with a huge underwater war that is on par with “The Lord of the Rings”. If you look at this movie logically, it seems totally ridiculous, but if you just keep your imagination open and try to appreciate what is happening in front of you, you will love.

If you are a comic book fan, this movie is one you cannot miss, you might not like some aspects of it at the end of the movie, but you will never be bored or disappointed when you are watching it. This movie in my opinion is one of the best comic book movies ever made and will be appreciated by all comic book lovers.

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