US and North Korea have always known to be at each other’s neck. Their antagonism is very clear and it got reflected again in what North Korea said.

North Korea clearly stated that the US has no right to comment on North Korea’s internal affairs and if the US wants a peaceful and smooth presidential election, Washington must keep quiet on matters of Korea.

According to news agency KCNA, who covered the news, Kwon Jong Gun, director-general for U.S. affairs at North Korea’s Foreign Ministry, said, “If the U.S. pokes its nose into others’ affairs with careless remarks, far from minding its internal affairs, at a time when its political situation is in the worst-ever confusion, it may encounter an unpleasant thing hard to deal with.”

In what context did North Korea say so?
The State Department expressed disappointment in North Korea for severing communication hotlines with North Korea. This decision of North Korea came after it lashed out at South Korea for not stopping the defectors of North Kore from sending leaflets and other materials to the North.

Kwon Jong Gun further added, “It would be good not only for the U.S. interests but also for the easy holding of the upcoming presidential election.”

Terms like “hold it’s tongue” unless it wants to “experience a hair-raiser” was used by him. US must keep to its own domestic problems and not meddle in North Korea’s matters was strictly insinuated by the Kwon Jong Gun.

A researcher in Asan Institute for Policy Studies in Seoul said there’s no clarity in what exactly North Korea would do to cause trouble in US reelections for Donald Trump. James Kim, researcher further added, “If anything, there’s a chance that provocation may even rally the country around the incumbent.”

Traveling back to June 12, 2018, the historic Trump-Kim summit took place in Singapore. A truce was also signed by the two leaders assuring security and peace. On February 2019 the second summit took place but ended abruptly. In June 2019 Trump, along with South Korean President Moon-Jae-in visited Kim-Jong-un, becoming the first US President to enter North Korea.

All the truce and seeking peace is due to the fact that Korea’s nuclear weapon program was increasing at a way faster rate compared to what expected. Missile testing and the presence of North Korea in the Korean Peninsula is evidently increasing in rate. Trump’s harsh dealing with North Korea was also a catalyst in increased animosity between the two nations. All these factors led to the need for the summits, seeking peace and truce.

But the fact that these two nations are not the best of friends is very clear and none of them lose a chance to show their animosity when probed.

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