A Peek Into Ivy League Colleges With A Guide On ‘How To Get Into It’

The Ivy League colleges are regarded amongst the world’s most prestigious colleges. Each year more than a million students enroll themselves into these colleges of which only a quarter of them receive their ticket of good fortune. While Ivy League colleges are exceptionally famous across the globe, many of us are ignorant about its specialty.

In today’s article, I am going to run you across the top Ivy colleges and how you can get into them without bumping into the usual hassle. If you are interested to learn about it, stick with me till the end!

The ticket to your good fortune

The Ivy League is an American collegiate athletic conference that involves several groups of sports teams from eight different universities in the United States. The eight-member universities for the Ivy League include: Brown University, Yale University, Cornell University, Columbia University, Harvard University, Princeton University, Dartmouth College and the University of Pennsylvania.


Since the Ivy League universities have been unravelled you might be wondering why their names are chanted like spells everywhere.

Well, it’s because of their social elitism, refined academic excellence, and intricate selection procedure. Admission into any of these colleges can traverse the future of any student from rags to riches in a minute.

How to win the refined luck?

Many students who form fantasies for getting into one of these esteemed colleges often experience a sense of crushing defeat when they are unable to win the admission. So, how do you win the refined luck? Is it easy? Definitely, not! Not until you follow these basic yet very effective steps.

1. Recognize your passion

If you have a fire in your belly, make sure its strong enough to slide you into your most desired Ivy League college. Whether it is a passion for writing essays or a knack for sports, grab your best expertise and get going.

Brown University


Ivy college faculty members are often looking for students who have an eye for skillful activities that mark them different from all others. In order to crack their test, make sure you map out an efficient passion that draws the attention instantly.

If it’s your love for writing essays, it should be able to portray your concern towards the world which will ultimately compel the Ivy leaders to believe in you. Anything that turns heads is sure to dig a tunnel for entrance into a potential Ivy League college.

2. Become friends with the rising sun

Although waking up with the rising sun is a nightmare for most students, it could help you to get into one of these colleges in many cases. The hefty schedule of students and their action-packed study routine are already quite tight for adjustments. But waking up early morning to practice for an Ivy League University will not just fetch you your fair share of time but also help you prepare with a clear mind.

Yale University


5 AM is the best time to get up from the bed and treat yourself with a fresh Ivy preparation. Once you settle with the timing, you are going to thank me for the extra few hours that I just added to your routine. And who knows, these few hours can transform your fortune with the ticket to Ivy college!

3. Challenge your nightmare

A secret hall to entrance into these Ivy colleges is cracking your hate for the tough subjects at school. Whether it is Mathematics, Science or Philosophy, if you ace the challenging subjects, there will be no blocks on your way to these colleges.

Columbia University


Since most of these colleges are hunting for students who perform brilliantly in difficult subjects, this could earn a brownie point for you. You can start your training as early as possible. If you want to score incredible grades in either of these subjects, hire a good tutor for further guidance.

4. Walk up to the dream

Dreams don’t walk up to you, in fact, if you really want them to turn into a reality, you need to go hunting for them!

Cornell University


If you want to get into an amazing Ivy League college, communicate with them via social media platforms. For starters, it’s always best to reach out to them via emails where you can tell them about your burning desire to join the college and why you could be an ideal fit into it. You can also seek recommendations and advice to boost your profile and stimulate your chances of admission.

Don’t try to be over-smart or desperate, they can smell these from over a mile’s distance. After all, they are on the guarding seats of the top colleges of the world for a reason.

Now that you know what to do and how to, what’s the wait worth for? Start preparing today! All the best!

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