10 Most Humiliating Celebrity Trolls On Instagram

Humiliating Celebrity Trolls, There’s no denying that the easy access of social media has got us all a ‘closer look’ into the personal lives of our superstars. Whether it’s about posting throwback childhood memories, some romantic moments or sharing sneak peeks from a family dinner, celebrities also want to keep their fans knit into their inner circle.

But, time and again the audience has disappointed their efforts, enveloped them in humiliation and shame with baseless trolling.

Here are the 10 most humiliating celebrity trolls that we’ve been policing for you on Instagram. Take a look!

Priyanka Chopra on Met Gala

This Met Gala, as Priyanka Chopra dug into the fanciest character to keep up with the Camp theme for the ball, Instagrammers couldn’t help but troll her for the hilarious dress-up. While some just laughed her looks off, others left bugging comments like “Chudail” on her post. Here’s a glimpse!


Malaika Arora for dating Arjun Kapoor

The ‘hotty-mommy’ of Bollywood, Malaika Arora was badly slammed for dating Arjun Kapoor who is perhaps a decade younger to her. As she posted a lovely picture of them on his birthday, fans left bitter comments reflecting their nasty judgements. These statements directly aimed at their age difference and the lasting impact of the couple’s relationship on Malaika’s son.


Janhvi Kapoor for her birthday party

While the nation was still mourning the death of India’s legendary actor, Sridevi, only a week had gone by when Sridevi’s daughter, Janhvi was visited by her cousins at home to celebrate her birthday. Within seconds of Anshula Kapoor’s Instagram post of the cousin gang from Janhvi’s birthday, fans flocked the comment section with dozens of judgmental lines that stated their disappointment.


Ananya Panday for fake USC Exams

Very recently, Ananya had become the troll favorite for several people when the rumor of her faking the news of her admission at USC was doing the rounds. Even when Ananya made the brave move by posting evidence of her USC admission on Instagram, slammers weren’t relaxed.


Hardik Pandya on Koffee with Karan

When the famous cricketer was invited over a cup of coffee at Bollywood’s gossip corner, Koffee with Karan, his unabashed statements about his sex life and other misogynistic comments, led him to his own grave. Fans who turned into haters after watching his episode turned a blind eye to his personality. Later, he was compelled to apologize to his ‘Insta fam’ for all the conjecture he created.


Twinkle Khanna for Vogue Photoshoot

Mrs. Funny Bones is the mass favorite for a reason! Recently when she posted an Instagram picture from her Vogue shoot, where she was sitting around a pile of books, fans trolled her massively for disrespecting the God of wisdom as they misunderstood her for keeping her legs on top of the books. Later, when she hit them back with reality, slammers went hiding down the gutter.


Pulkit Samrat for too-revealing post

Amidst all the trolls, Pulkit Samrat’s Instagram picture is highest rated. As he posted an almost nude picture of himself with a ‘Hello Friday’ caption, fans couldn’t resist but hit him with criticisms. While some commented “remove the towel”, “Use bhi khol deta q dhaaak liya”, Pulkit chose to remain silent over the topic and turn his back against the hate. Wise thing, you see!


Diana Penty for ‘messy’ caption

When Diana Penty recently uploaded a beautiful image of herself flaunting her well-set hair with the wrong caption (Unfortunately!), actors and fans hilariously trolled her.

“This isn’t messy dude 😂 this is perfect haor @mermaid_moon_nebula” were the kind of trolls that flocked her profile. Although these trolls are rather sweet, there was something about the caption that was just calling for this.


Disha Patani for Calvin Klein brand endorsement

Last Diwali, even the gorgeous, Disha Patani was a victim of some of far-off-the-line trolls when she posted a picture of herself wearing a lehenga teamed with a Calvin Klein sportswear instead of a blouse. Later, because of unending demeaning comments, Disha had to turn off comments for that particular post.


Radhika Apte for a bikini photo

Radhika’s hot bikini photo with husband chilling by the beach in Goa, was another Instagram image which was trolled massively a few months ago. Looks like haters are always on a hunt of a reason, which isn’t at all a reason to post negativity.


Humiliating Celebrity Trolls, There are these instances and then there are those when the celebrities decide to give the haters a taste of their own medicine and burn the trolls hard. We will soon come back with those sassy replies. Stay tuned!

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