Being away from your family and friends you must feel very bored, don’t you? The internet is our only salvation, movies, video-calling, games, etc. are our only forms of entertainment. I’m sure all of you are looking for games to play with your friends and family. For you, here I have 5 popular games that will keep you and your friends hooked.

4 games to play amidst this lockdown-NewsORB360

The classic game Ludo can now be played online. Its free and is available on the Appstore, Google play, and windows store. The objective of the game is to move all 4 tokens of the player to the center of the board. The first play to do this wins the game. Ludo kings had 4 modes: vs Computer, Local multiplayer, Private multiplayer, and Online multiplayer. The game is especially popular among family members and even the elder members of your family will enjoy it

4 games to play amidst this lockdown-NewsORB360

This exciting party game will have you and your friends stuck to your phones. You can choose from a variety of categories like choosing the right answer among your friend’s fakes and getting points for choosing the right answer and getting people into choosing yours. There are quite a number of categories and you can play it with quite a lot of people. It’s the perfect late-night game.

This dirty, hilarious game is the perfect game to play with your gang. You got to play dirty to win. Once you start, you can’t stop. How to play you ask? A question card is shown to everyone and each player selects what they think is the best answer. A judge among the players chooses the best answer and the player whose card gets chosen gets points. All the answers are usually hilarious and with over 6,900 answer cards, you can never be bored.

4 games to play amidst this lockdown-NewsORB360

I don’t have to say anything about this. PUBG is super popular. PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game in which players shoot other players. Up to a hundred players fight in a large scale deathmatch where they aim to be the last man standing. Every few minutes, the playing area shrinks towards a random location. Every player starts with no weapons and picks up those on the ground. Up to 4 players can play in a team.

These are just some of the games you could play with your family and friends. Keep yourself busy during this lockdown and have fun.

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