The Life-threatening Infectious disease, COVID-19 virus, has Crossed 5 million active cases around the world and still increasing at an alarming rate. It has broken almost every country of each continent, economically and socially except Antarctica. The number of confirmed cases has been 5.15 million worldwide whereas the total death toll according to a prestigious University has outpoured to 3,20,000. United States of America has been an active hotspot for months and also has the highest number of confirmed cases as well as death toll around the world which is 1,611,00 and 95,087 respectively.

In terms of cases, Russia has secured the second position with 3,18,200 active cases of infectious disease followed by Brazil, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy at third, fourth, fifth and sixth positions respectively.

While in terms of the total number of deaths the United Kingdom has been in the second position with 36,010 deaths, after the US.

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Pandemic had shifted its epicenter from the US to Russia and Brazil, where active cases are augmenting at an alarming rate. Countries are preparing themselves infrastructurally for tackling with upcoming surge. Where  Russia is accounting for an increasing number of cases, the death toll has been far less than any other hotspot countries around the world.

Russian officials have expressed their contentment by praising the efforts of government and health officials. They are also claiming that since the virus arrived later to Russia than other hotspot countries and they’re known- the inclusion of deaths not directly caused by the Novel Corona Virus may be another reason why Russia has contested such low death toll.

But world Media has its different perspective regarding the whole issue claiming that data manipulation in the death toll is the result of media manipulation and censorship prevailing in Russia. However the Russian Government has decided to be silent in its response.

New shift in virus hotspots-NewsORB360

Meanwhile, Brazil which is going to be the second hotspot after Russia in upcoming weeks, has recorded its per day highest death toll with 1,188 deaths. While the overall death toll in Brazil passed 20,000 with 3,10,087 active cases as per the data of the Brazilian Health Ministry. It is being claimed that the real number is far high than stipulated, but the country has not carried out requisite testing.

If we took a glance at India’s position then we will find the results not so satisfactory. The number of cases continues to surge in India in spite of nationwide lockdown. Total confirmed cases in India stands at 1,18,447. The death toll is at 3,583 which is enough to scare us.

New shift in virus hotspots-NewsORB360

Definitely, India has averted 14-29 lakh cases due to lockdown but still the risk of being hotspot hasn’t turned away. India, being a resident of 130 Crore people and having a low health infrastructure facility, has by far chance to be the hottest hot spot, and if this happens India will lose Its missionary zeal in front of this hazardous Jeopardy. Again, it is the precautions and safety measures that can keep coronavirus far from our reach.

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