VACCINE As most people are confined to their homes, dealing with the lockdown, the scientists, researchers and medical experts all around the globe are relentlessly searching for a vaccine for the highly contagious Coronavirus. Several countries are a part of this race to find a cure or vaccine of this disease, although only a few are in a position to show us a ray of hope.

 AstraZeneca– This British pharma giant which is working in partnership with Oxford University is on the track to develop a vaccine by September. VACCINE If it passes the phase 2 of humans trial, over a million samples of the drug would be in the market in the next few months. Although the first trial of the included volunteers between the 18-55 age group, the team decided on expanding the range in the next trials to ensure the safety of the elderly and children.

 China’s efforts in vaccine production– Beijing Institute of Biological Products and China National Biotec Group co. has jointly produced a vaccine that would hit the VACCINEmarket by the end of the year. This vaccine, according to the source has already completed its Phase 2 trials. The production line would have a production capacity of 100-120 vaccines million per year.

 Pfizer – This an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation that has predicted the vaccine by October. It is currently testing its vaccine for preventing COVID-19 in Europe and Pfizer is working in collaboration with BioNTech, A German mRNA company.

 Moderna- This US-based pharmaceutical company is on the verge of commencing its Phase 2 of trials with 600 volunteers as opposed to 45 volunteers in their first trials. While the first trial was to determine the safety of the vaccine, the second one is mainly focused on measuring effectiveness.

Every country has enrolled in this race to find the vaccine, no one is near the finishing race. Almost 120 vaccines have been proposed all across the world. Currently, the number of COVID-19 cases in the world has crossed 6.66 million. Casualty caused by this disease is over 393K.

The virus was first detected in China’s Wuhan, in 2019 which has owed the name COVID-19 to this highly contagious disease. Since then, it has rapidly spread all across the globe. India records 247 thousand cases of COVID-19 currently with over 6 thousand deaths. 119K thousand patients have recovered so far. India implemented it’s the first phase of lockdown on 25th March and is currently in 4th stage of lockdown.

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