US presidential election 2020- The globe is watching

US presidential election 2020, Americans were voting in large numbers on Tuesday in one of the most divisive bitter presidential elections in decades in which incumbent Republican Donald Trump is challenged by Democrat Joe Biden. President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden wrapped up their campaigns.

The stage is set for the US official political race 2020 and surveying is in progress in the midst of the Covid pandemic. Biden has been driving in both public and state surveys and is generally preferred to win. However, no survey has anticipated that Trump will lose. Likewise, no end can be made on the premise on surveys as all forecasters weren’t right in 2016 when they anticipated a Hillary Clinton win.

What about the votes? How is the process different from India? There is no government body in the United States that runs the political race or counts the outcomes like the Election Commission in India. Each state in the US runs the political race as per its own personal guidelines. Prior to tallying of the votes, there is a phase called handling in which checking of marks of electors, confirming documentation, and in any event, filtering of the voting forms happens. Moreover, each state has its own date for starting in-person or mail-in voting, submission and processing as well as tabulating the ballots. 

On what basis the winner will be decided? The count will formally be settled in weeks yet on Election night significant TV networks “call” the political decision for one of the up-and-comers which is a projection that depends on the leave surveys, interviews with citizens and casting ballot patterns. The competitor who is extended to have lost surrenders the political race. In any case, this year because of the tremendous volumes of mail-in voting forms, there is no clearness on when an unmistakable victor will develop.

The popularity of Trump or loyalty of Barak Obama’s democratic party; it is a tough thing to anticipate but in campaigns both Biden and Trump put various allegations on each other.

Trump has more than once blamed the Democratic party of voter misrepresentation and has energetically communicated his fears about the mail-in polling form measure. He has additionally wouldn’t submit that he would acknowledge the consequence of the races in the event that he loses in different broadcast interviews. Joe Biden and the Democrat faction have communicated their apprehensions about elector terrorizing and concealment, however, has unequivocally been agreeable to the mail-in polling form measure.

The election which was filled with allegations and revelations saw its various twists. The globe is waiting for the results as a lot has been expected from the US Presidential elections 2020.

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