The Absolute Minimum Exercise Schedule during this Lockdown

Absolute Minimum Exercise Schedule, With everyone being house-bound in the lockdown, many of us have been motivated to work on their health. With the gyms and parks closed, the internet is flooded with some super easy home workout routines for you to adopt. In spite of this, the lockdown is creating a bit of panic among the people and in such a case, it might be difficult to keep the motivation going.

So, what should you do to keep yourself fit and fine in this helpless situation? Adopt a regular minimum exercise routine. This will help you stay healthy and fight this deadly disease.

Train for a minimum of 2-3 hours a week

A two and a half hours of sober workout and half an hour of exhaustive exercise per week will be the best option during the confinement. Along with this, it is highly advisable to include a two-day muscle-strengthening workout. Avoid sitting for prolonged hours, instead, move around your house.

Rethink your intensive workout

Since you can’t go out to attend your best Zumba and aerobics class, you need to think of something else to get the heart pump up. A few minutes on the treadmill can be a good option. You can innovate a simple jog or run with a two minute on and off interval technique. Create some challenges for yourself by running up and down on the stairs or a sloping path.

Plan your moderate exercises

In your 10-minute moderate impact exercise routine, you can have a go at brisk walking and cycling. Dancing can also be a fun activity during the lockdown. Taking a few extra steps is important during this confinement period. That being said, you can also do the household chore – it’s one of the best exercises.

Have small bursts all through the day

A long one-hour session at a stretch may seem like a nightmare to a few of you. Small bursts all through the day will be more effective. Get up every hour and indulge yourself in small short exercises. Yoga stretches are an ideal during this period.

Even if you don’t wish to do follow a strict schedule, follow a minimum exercise routine. Just get up and get going. Something is better than nothing

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