Randeep Hooda gives us a message to stay home

Actors Randeep Hooda, Pankaj Tripathi, and the famous Hollywood actor, Chris Hemsworth, have recently starred in a film together called Extraction. The film that has been released on Netflix now, has caused a buzz of excitement among Bollywood fans who can’t wait to watch Chris perform in it. During this time, Randeep Hooda has involved himself in promoting his movie thoroughly and make it a big hit.


Lately, while promoting his film, Randeep uploaded an Instagram video of a scene from his latest film with a strong message for his audience.

In his caption he wrote, “Only if this boy hadn’t stepped out! Don’t step out or #Extraction #lockdown

Extraction might be the next big hit

The amazing action in the trailer and the awesome star cast has already rendered the film enormous popularity. Extraction is only an inch away from being the next big hit as the film boasts such incredible performances.


More so, the lockdown has given it an added advantage of being viewed by a large chunk of audience as most people are sitting behind these screens, waiting to kill their boredom.

“My character is a wrecking ball,” said Randeep Hooda

Recently when Hooda was interviewed about his film, Extraction he said: “My character, as they say, is the wrecking ball. He is responsible for Chris and other characters’ involvement. His people don’t have the money so he feels that we will just give them the job and when it’s time to pay, he will just whack them out and take the boy home.”


But it turns out that Rake is a tough Aussie and you cannot get past that,” Randeep added when interviewed by the PTI.

If you haven’t watched Extraction yet, go watch it now! It’s going to go big.

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