If you are someone who follows the news frequently, you may be well aware of the fact that how violations of the Line of Control by our neighboring nation, Pakistan has become an almost day – to – day event. This entire relation of hostility among both the neighbor is a matter of dismay as the frequency of reprisal and shelling along the LoC has become quite intense.

The latest reminders of this miserable event at the border are the martyrdom of Sepoy Lungabui Abonmli and the airlift of other two soldiers, namely, Lienkhothien Senghon and Sepoy Tangsoik Kwianiungar from the Poonch sector where they were injured owing to the heavy shelling by the Pakistani side to Udhampur’s Command Hospital, this frequent sacrifices of our gallant soldiers serve as a reminder to us on why both the nations should now put a hold on this acts of aggression. Factually, the sacrifice of Sepoy Lungabui was the third death caused by shelling in this zone.

This entire May, heavy mortar and firing of small ammunitions were witnessed in the front parts of the Kashmir Valley, i.e. Pir Panjal range. Likewise, Akhtar Begum, an Indian civilian succumbed her life to splinter injuries from shelling in the Haji Pir located in Uri.

PAKISTAN The above drift has been a cause of concern for the Indian side particularly as the residential areas conspicuously in villages explicitly Silikote and Churunda fall prey to this shell from across the borders when they penetrate deeper in the Indian side. This belligerence strikes fear and terror among the residents of this village as they scramble for safety from these attacks and rush towards the provisions of temporary shelter for their lives.

These factors have wreaked further havoc to the lives in this border states particularly that of Jammu & Kashmir as their lives were firstly disordered by the modifications to Article 370 of the Indian Constitution by the Parliament through the J&K Reorganisation Act, 2019 on 5th of August 2019 and further by the lockdown following the spread of novel coronavirus in the nation.

Therefore the further disruptions to the life of civilians should be of the prime concern to the Indian administration as it should renegotiate terms with the Pakistani hukumat and put an end to this seven-decade long massacre.

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