Who doesn’t want to earn a lot of money? Though its important to choose a field that suits your interests and passion, the first thing that comes to mind when deciding your career is how much money I can make at the end? Different careers reward you differently at the start. But as long as you are talented and diligent, you can earn big bucks anywhere. For those of you trying to find out how much money you can pay following a particular career in India, here is a list of the 5 highest paying careers in India.

Pilots are one of the highest paying careers in India for the young. With an average starting salary of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs per month, you get to go to a lot of places and talk to a lot of different people. It is a well-respected job and the demand in India is quite high. The cons are that you have to be away from home for days at a time. Learning to be a pilot is pretty expensive and can take over Rs 30 lakhs easily and the protocols and other requirements you have to follow are pretty strict.
(Note- this list does not take into consideration careers like entrepreneurs, politicians and Dhongi Babas)

One of the most popular career choices in India, every Indian parent wants at least one of their children to become a doctor. It is a well-respected, well-paying, and a job with quite a bit of perks. You are certain to have a salary of at least Rs 6 lakhs annually and could make up to crores in the future. The demand is also pretty high, CAREERS the only cons are that you have to study for a long time at least 5-7 years to start your career as a proper doctor and it is quite expensive. You need to get into a good medical college which is quite difficult in India as NEET (India’s common exam for medical colleges) is one of the most competitive exams in India.

One of the highest paying jobs in India. The starting salary could be around Rs60,000 per month but after some years you could make as much Rs 7 lakhs per month. You go to a lot of places, it isn’t even too expensive to pursue and the pay is rewarding. The cons are that you could be at sea for 3-6 months at a time, CAREERS it’s not recommended for social people and job security is quite bad at these times.

Computer Science is the degree almost every engineer aspires to have. Getting a computer science degree from a good institute is very hard and for good reason. Those in the IT field make quite a lot more than people in other engineering fields. You can expect to get around Rs7-8 lakhs if you do computer science from any reputable institute. The world is moving towards a digital age, the demand for IT professionals just keeps on increasing every day.

Management is a field that always pays well depending on your talents and luck. You can earn anywhere from Rs4-7 per year lakhs after doing a BBA and around Rs15-40 lakhs per year after an MBA and that is just your starting salary.

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