BOLLYWOOD Since the lockdown has been extended to May 31 st and still we don’t know what will happen
after, everyone is searching their possible to survive this period. So many things have been
discovered by the people through which they BOLLYWOOD can enjoy this time actively and merrily. A very
common activity which is done on a very common basis is the movies and web series watching.
These are the all-time favourite time passing activity through which a lot of people to do. And if
you’re an 80’s and 90’s Bollywood fan, then you seriously BOLLYWOOD should know about these famous

1. Chandani (1989)

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It’s Bollywood’s first film which was shot in Switzerland. BOLLYWOOD In the movie, Chandni is a
romantic musical drama in which  Sridevi played the role of Chandni Mathur. A young woman
who is stuck between two lovers—Rohit as Rishi Kapoor and Lalit BOLLYWOOD as Vinod Khanna. The movie
contains a total number of eleven songs. The movie is known for its great music and it was the
best selling soundtrack BOLLYWOOD album of that particular year. Also for the decade at that time. Its iconic
song, ‘Chandni O Meri Chandni’which was shot in the Swiss Alps, Jungfraujoch amazingly
captures the energy of the Swiss summer and appreciated by BOLLYWOOD the audience. It’s streaming on
Amazon Prime Video.

2. Darr (1989)

Darr-Movie-NewsORB360 BOLLYWOOD

It’s Yash Chopra’s classic and psychological romantic thriller in which Shah Rukh Khan as
Rahul, who is obsessed with Juhi Chawla as Kiran. When he finds out about BOLLYWOOD Kiran’s
marriage to Sunny Deol as Sunil, he follows the couple to their honeymoon to in order
to win Kiran back. Chopra takes the movie through the beautiful Swiss Alps and its
enchanting vistas. The movie also contains the iconic song, ‘Tu Mere Saamne’ with Shah
Rukh Khan. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)


One of the greatest BOLLYWOOD movie of all time to be loved by the BOLLYWOOD people till the date.  Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is the love story of Raj (Shah Rukh Khan) and Simran (Kajol). After finishing college, both convince their parents to allow them to go on a trip to Europe with their friends. It was the Yash Raj film which was played daily in Mumbai’s Maratha Mandir theatre for over 20 years after the release. had a large portion of the film shot in Switzerland. With such a large fan following of the film, BOLLYWOODSwitzerland Tourism even offers a Switzerland’s DDLJ tour which takes us BOLLYWOOD through it all. It’ll always be termed as G.O.A.T in the list of iconic movies. Streaming on
Amazon Prime Video.

4. Andaaz Apna Apna


It’s a comedy BOLLYWOOD film directed by  Rajkumar Santoshi having a star crew of  Aamir
Khan, Salman Khan,  Karisma Kapoor,  Raveena Tandon,  Paresh Rawal  and Shakti
Kapoor in the leading roles.  Mehmood,  Govinda and  Juhi Chawla as the guest
appearances. Amar as Aamir Khan and Prem as Salman Khan BOLLYWOOD are the two daydreamers
having a common aim to become rich by marrying a rich girl. Karishma Kapoor as
Karishma and fake Raveena Bajaj is the daughter of the wealthy Paresh Raval as Ram
Gopal Bajaj. The whole movie comes with a lot of comedy and twists that will obviously
make you all hold your stomach by laughing harder. Streaming on Amazon prime

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