The World Health Organization had continuously praised China throughout January and thanked it for its speedy response in sharing the genome of the virus “immediately”. Turns out, it wasn’t true at all, actually, the Chinese officials sat on releasing the genome of the virus for weeks and only released it after it was already released on a virology website.

China claimed that the delay occurred due to its strict information control policy and competition in the Chinese public health system. The information was very important to start the development of the vaccine for the coronavirus. Ch ina has been criticized by the international community for withholding information about the coronavirus when it spread in China.

China stopped domestic and international flights but did not tell the world about Covid-19, it allowed its spread into the world. The United States has broken off all relations with the World Health Organization accusing it of hiding details about the epidemic with China and being biased towards it. WHO continuing to praise China publicly even though it was very no-
cooperative strengthened the United States’ claims.

The truth is that the World Health Organization is stuck between the two superpowers, the United Nations have no enforcement force which could force China to cooperate. Right now, WHO needs all the support it can get, that is why it is trying to have good relations with all nations.

WHO officials tried brainstorming ideas on how to press China for information without angering them, the best solution they could come up with was the “protect” China when it was being attacked by all sides, that is why it’s been thanking China publicly and declining any rumors hinting at their frustration towards China.

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