4 Exam tips to score amazing grades in Boards

With the end of the rehearsal terms of classes 10 and 12, arrives the most dreaded time of the year, atleast for the students – BOARDS! The pressure to score excellent grades and perform better than everyone else, only adds to the existing trauma. But what if I told you, it isn’t as difficult as it seems? Read these 4 Exam Tips.

The best part about the secret that I am going to unveil right now, is that it’s not a secret! 😉

Without much ado, let me quickly cite 4 outstanding exam tips that will help you score your desired grades in boards.

1. Map out a deadline

Before you begin to revise the subjects, try and chalk out a time-limit for each subject, so you can make the most of your time and spend less time in selecting the subject you must study first. In case the deadline for each subject sounds like a difficult idea, attempt at doing the same for each chapter to ease out the process.

2. Solve the papers

A few days before the exams, solving different test papers to examine your preparation will not only help you varnish your skills but also improve your performance and speed. You can also try and participate in several mock examinations to boost your scores during board exams.

3. Say ‘goodbye’ to distractions

Your distractions can turn out to be your worst enemies during the finals. It’s always good to keep them at a distance or surrender them to your parents until your last exam. I know it’s difficult, but the star marks on your report card will make it worth it!

4. Don’t just mug up

If you’ve been mugging up all your life, it’s time to change this defeating habit. Make sure you understand what you study so that it sits in your mind for longer and helps you craft convincing answers.

The bottom line

These 4 tips are sure to work magic for you. But, remember there’s no better magic ingredient than your own determination and passion. All the best!

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