What does Barbie Ferreira have to say about body image, fashion and Euphoria?

Barbie Ferreira, well known for her plus-size modelling and acting recently agreed to an interview with Vogue over a phone call. Relaxed Ferreira is currently in her LA house and spoke of her journey from being a self-conscious teen to a loved actress who is completely comfortable in her skin.

Frustration as a child.

While growing up Barbie Ferreira was frustrated by the lack of representation of a broader range of body types in the modelling industry. Like any other teenager, she was uncomfortable in showing her skin although she was in love with makeup and fashion.

Lucky for Barbie Ferreira and better for the current generation, it was the beginning of the change in perception of beauty. The fashion industry and brands were realizing the unrest among the younger generation for the need for proper representation of human body types and not just a tiny sliver.

Ferreira, a 16-year-old clicked her own pictures and sent them to American Apparel who accepted her and voila! Barbie Ferreira became the face of change in fashion.

She agreed that she would click artsy pictures of herself but not have the courage to show it to the world. But instead of being swallowed by insecurity she harnessed her confidence and did what set thousands of teens with body image complex free of their shackles.

In fact, she added a message to her younger self. “I’d say, ‘Hang in there, girl, there’s going to be a lot of negativity but it’s going to be worth it.’”

Barbie Ferreira career in modeling.

Barbie Ferreira journey in modelling began with American Apparel. Her campaign, unretouched for Aerie went viral and gained her fame, support love all over social media.

In fact, Barbie Ferreira won a place in 2016, Time’s Most Influential Teens list. Earlier in 2020, Barbie Ferreira became the face of beauty brand Becca.

On being asked about her emotions when Barbie Ferreira started modelling, Barbie said, “When I started modelling, I was faced with the reality that I can’t hide anymore. It put me in a position where I was forced to love myself. Being in front of a camera has taught me more about myself than I could ever teach myself. I always felt so small… Well, emotionally small, and physically big. I felt like nothing special. But having a community of people online who were supportive has opened my eyes in many ways.”

Barbie Ferreira view on’ Plus Sized’ models

Barbie Ferreira said that in order to introduce a change in the industry it was important to address the community that has suffered. The ‘oversized’ community. Hence, when she began her work, it was necessary to address her as ‘plus-sized’ model or ‘curvy’. But the next step must be to avoid grouping these newfound models as anything other than‘models’. The word that began the movement can become cumbersome and lead to unwanted groups.

The title of ‘body image activist’ was flattering in the beginning for her but now she fears the title will reduce the movement to a personal venture where she is just some plus-sized girl who broke the norms for herself. Instead, she wants it to become a movement that lends acceptance to and everyone into the industry irrespective of their body types and any personal preference.

Her experience while playing Kat in Euphoria

“Euphoria taught me so much. My life changed. I stopped needing external validation [based on] on my looks and I started craving validation [based on] my talent. It gave me confidence that I never had before.”

She said she relates to her character’s makeup style, which is bold as she herself has always been a fan of over the top goth look.

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