Special list out Durga Puja it’s amazing facts that you should know.

This well-known festival Durga Puja is largely celebrated in West Bengal and it’s one of the major festival bengalis.The feeling of happiness in making memories with your loved ones is what everyone Looks for.But, if you have been Kolkata during Durga Puja you must have figured out why is it called the city of joy? during the four days the Puja festival and  the heart of everyone in the city regardless of age, cast, class .The entire state of West Bengal welcome Goddess Durga and the children alone with the Mighty of the month Mahishasur with open hand and hall filled with incomprehensible emotions of togetherness from the northern points of tala bagbazar and naktala to Behala ,Kolkata Street constantly witness waves of darshan arthi aur Pandal hopping pilgrims dressed in a best way.

Here are some lists of facts that you should really know about Durga Puja.

1 Idol -the very first one is Idol of Durga and her children is obviously the most important part of this Grand event and festival Durga in her full Avatar appear stabbing mahisasur while riding the lion to her left and Saraswati and Kartika God on her right you will find Lakshmi Ganesh and Ganesh 2 wife is in the form of two banana trunk, they could be an image of Shiva above the Durga the whole structure of the frame is called as “chala”.

2. Eye- offering the eyes one of the oldest and most interesting phenomenon is the job done or offering the eye of Goddess Durga it takes around three to four months to make a Durga Chala the final stroke of the paint make the eyes of Durga the ritual is supposed to be done in complete darkness and in the presence of only sculptor and no one else however only a few sculpture follow this  and others have to finish the idol in beforehand.

3 Ashtami- none of the Bengali will miss the Ashtami Pushpanjali or flower offering on Ashtami morning 8th day of the festival you can be anywhere in the Kolkata in the morning of Ashtami you will see how people even strangers come together and offer flowers to Goddess Durga home the considered as a mother.

4. Two- Durga Puja is not just about the Pandal, Kolkata with nice to separate kind of Durga Puja apart from the ritual both a completely different from each other one is a grand show of locality puja light design, stains Idea, and crowd other one has home the effect that brings people close on their roots with the sense of Homecoming the first kind happens in the Wonderland community halls wild other inside the houses old houses of North Kolkata for the affluent houses of south Kolkata.

5.Sandha arti- during the days of Puja do not follow 12 to 12 clock system one days in this another day in the evening every evening of Durga Puja is a grand festival itself drums, Bass in the brass welcome annual day with a new hope Beginning of special dance of well known as “dhunuchi naach”. Sandhya aarti in the evening is an integral part of the stitch well the child time incarnation’s continue next morning.

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