“I understand that the law favors Pakistani Hindus and is against Indian Hindus… We cannot and will never do that as we are Desh bhakti,” rung the halls of the Assembly of the UT of Delhi as the Chief Minister of the nation expressed his views on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) which the Parliament enacted on 11th of December 2019.

He has debated that the welfare of his people laid on him and he shall consider it supreme and on another instance speaking on the risk to the well-being of his people, he had argued that “What is the guarantee that Pakistan would not send spies as Hindus …?”

Recently, the government of this Aam Aadmi in the national capital restricted citizens of the other parts from India to avail of the medical facilities in the national capital. However, the lieutenant governor of the UT overturned this decision.

This puts light on the kind of politics that the leader believes in, which remains exclusive to “India only for Indians; Delhi, only for Delhi-ites.”

Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party along with his infantry of soldiers and the ideology they ride their political wagon upon claims upon having an apolitical approach to most of the political developments in the contemporary times while the party’s approach largely indicates towards a different type of sly politics which targets the emerging vote bank of the 21st era’s India.
A report in the Hindu describes this type of polity in an even more descriptive manner as the media house writes, “Mr. Kejriwal had figured the cocktail that sways politics a hybrid of left-leaning economic measures and right-leaning cultural flashing. He repudiates the market.”

If we describe the recent policy of the Kejri administration where it attracted the masses by indulging in freebie politics also marked yet another side of the emerging political ideals.

The Chief Minister himself was thus coercive to express his views on these allegations as he spoke on the same during the oath-taking ceremony of the third round of his government as he was quoted stating, “Some say Kejriwal is making everything free. All the invaluable things are free, a mother’s love for the child, a father’s staying hungry to support his child’s education… Kejriwal loves Delhi’s people, they love him back; this love is also free.”

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