Mental health is as important as physical health. During the ongoing pandemic, while we are stuck at home, our mental health is taking a toll. Even after meditation, baking, painting, and reading, our anxiety and discomfort may not reduce to zero.

Life is tough, being mentally healthy is tougher. The best way to elevate your mind and shut off negative thoughts is to either focus on something positive or get distracted with something thrilling. Some movies or series that can de-stress you during the long pandemic are listed below-

F.R.I.E.N.D.S– Talking about comedy that can reduce anxiety and not mentioning F.R.I.E.N.D.S is like talking about pizza and not mentioning cheese. This sitcom that aired 25 years ago is still among the favorites of every generation. The six friends of Manhattan will kick out your anxiety and pour positivity and bursts of laughter into your mundane life. Before 2020 you never thought life is gonna be this way, but these six friends you will make now will always be there for you.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind-
If you want to distract yourself with a confusing, catchy, cinematic greatness, this is your movie. This 2004 movie will baffle and make you think about the story instead of overthinking about the negativity around you. The journey of Joel and Clementine’s story is as enlightening as intriguing. From the quirky hair dyes of Clementine to Joel’s relatable awkwardness, this movie is perfect for a movie date with yourself.

Dear Zindagi This movie is a classic example of Bollywood genius. A story of a therapist and an angst-ridden young girl is in fact perfect, considering the current scenario. While we are waiting for our mental peace, certain advice of Dr. Jehangir Khan may come in handy when we’re feeling super low.

La La Land- Lover of musicals? Sucker for Hollywood romance? Treat yourself to this dreamy movie to keep out the anxiety. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are perfect for the characters of jazz lover Sebastian and aspiring theatre artist Mia, respectively. City lights of LA, long drives, and catchy music make the entire movie more than just a movie. It’s an experience of love, life, and passion.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani- If Hollywood just doesn’t seem to calm your nerves, this Bollywood romantic movie perhaps will do the trick. The story of intelligent Naina and adventure lover Kabir will sweep you off your feet and restore your faith in love.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine- If you crave laughter but romance is not your cup of tea, dive into the funny and interesting lives of these quirky detectives. Although completely genius, these detectives will make you chortle over their odd personality and behavior and keep you hooked.

Stories by Rabindranath Tagore- Only a true literature lover can realize the immeasurable worth of laureate, poet, songwriter Rabindranath Tagore. This series has brought to life a few of his best stories and made it possible to enjoy his talent, even if you’re not an avid reader. Meaningful, deep, and classic, this series is not to be just enjoyed but cherished.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button-
A creative storyline is always appreciated by viewers. This 2008 movie by David Fincher is different than anything you’ve ever watched. Benjamin Button, born as an old man grows younger with time and his bond with Daisy who met him when she was a little girl is heart touching and intriguing. A must watch movie indeed.

Little Things- This Hindi sitcom is simple, sweet, and super relatable. A perfect series for evening tea, the story of Kavya and Dhruv is perfect for those stuck in a long-distance relationship. The easy and everyday life of the duo is funny, jolly, and captures reality.

A Beautiful Mind- Noble Prize Winner John Forbes Nash Jr. is a legend in the world of mathematics. His biography is inspiring and moving. He not only had a beautiful mind but a beautiful journey of life alongside his wife Alicia Nash. This movie is for times when you feel your life isn’t heading towards any direction. Watch this movie to convince your brain anything and everything is possible.

Although there are hundreds of movies to uplift your mind and soul, begin with these and work your up to more such mind elevating, anxiety-reducing movies till positive envelopes you.

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