Is Google Pixel 5 A Good Device?

Here is all to the Pixel 5. Google Pixel 5 is not like earlier flagship phones. It is different. But is it a good device?

The Pixel series has always been suggested as the “pinnacle” of Android. An unconditional flagship device was formulated and provided by Google as it intended. Despite attempting to take upon Apple directly, the Pixel series has wavered a slight over four years. And then Google has elected that it was an indication to change tactics.

Features of Pixel 5

Small but still approachable

It is 6-inches small and feels like an enormous paradox but established upon the tread of the market, the Google Pixel 5 certainly feels “dinky” and small.

The absence of a bright power button is disappointing as it was constantly a cheerful addition.

The Pixel 5 has a retention of 90Hz refresh rate. It helps in elevating the Pixel 5 package. The software helps in ensuring that it is slicker and sleeker than the competition. As more equipment is now arriving with elevated refresh rate panels, apps have also been revised to take the objective of them. This implies that even though a volatile fresh rate is facilitated out of the box.

In terms of criteria and natural performance, the 765G is more or less on average with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset found in the Pixel 3 series. From the onset, this isn’t a decent look but such is the unreasonable 5G tax pertained to the current flagship Qualcomm chips.

It is not a bad alternative to go for this festive season. This Navratri gets your hands on the brand new Google Pixel 5. The festive season is all about celebrating. And Pixel 5 is nowhere going to let you sit idle. Google has offered a good device with the flagship phone.

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